Get rid of tedious housework, Xiaomi says Hire it!

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Long day at the office? Tired and just want to chill out? Gearbest totally understands. Relax in the evening, weekends, and even during vacations – after all, you deserve it. You also deserve this Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaner.

A smart next-gen robot cleaner from the global tech titans, Xiaomi, this device effortlessly frees up your time, while keeping your house clean and fresh.

Since its introduction on Gearbest, the product has been insanely popular, literally flying out of our warehouses like Santa on a busy day. Based on feedback, our customers range from busy housewives, office workers, to people who just want to free themselves from heavy housework.

Compact, minimalist, and maybe even unassuming, this little guy has a simple mission: to clean like a mean machine. Xiaomi's versatile vacuum cleaner (Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum) uses an original Japanese-made NIDEC brushless fan delivering an incredible 1800Pa wind pressure – higher than most major high-end cleaners – ensuring it can clean even tough stains.

The high efficiency, low-noise air duct design ensures non-intrusive, high suction cleaning – making it especially ideal for dorms, families, and other communal areas.

Packing tons of smart features, this brilliant cleaner utilizes a floating brush feature that traps even floor debris in the flow gap for thorough cleaning. The cleaner will also keep a stable distance of 1cm with the wall with sensor technology to remove dust on and near the wall.

The on-board computer constantly monitors the environment, dynamically and automatically adjusting the speed of the side brush; this also prevents the brushes being intertwined around each other.

Power matters to users, but so does battery life. Xiaomi engineers have packed a high capacity yet power-efficient 5200mAh 14.4V LG/Panasonic 18650 lithium core lithium battery. Able to deliver 2.5 hours of powerful cleaning, more than enough to satisfy the needs of users, a single charge can clean an area of 250m². Used two hours per day, the electric bill comes to just US$3 for an entire year.

The Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaner sports a design language that is undeniably Xiaomi, seamlessly blending a minimalist appearance, smooth lines with premium materials. This unique style is definitely part of Xiaomi's appeal to house owners; the integration of technology with style is why Xiaomi, in particular, is welcomed by young yet discerning consumers.

Click the link to see the test video:

Gearbest is proud to offer this stunning flagship cleaner from Xiaomi at the lowest online price. With a class-leading after-service guarantee, this red-hot product is now on sale – just in time for the festive season.

Get this smart robot, set yourself free from the tedium of housework, and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.


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