Mightier than the sword | Your 4 essential stylus pens

ByParis Ba 2016-12-08 3346

Stylus pens have the power to totally transform your tablet experience. If you think tablet use is just tapping and swiping, think again.

Mightier than the sword

Think how versatile and successful the Samsung Note series of phones became, or the Microsoft Surface line of tablets – now imagine the same level of productivity and multitasking to your own tablet.

From note-taking, annotations, graphics work, precision selection, and getting the very best out of apps, a simple stylus delivers maximum value to a tablet user.

Choosing the best stylus

But how should we go about selecting our stylus pen? Usually, there are three types of stylus pens:

♦ Capacitive

♦ Wacom

♦ Bluetooth

This blog article will focus on four of the best (and most affordable) capacitive stylus pens available on Gearbest.


#1. Original Chuwi Hi 12 Hipen H1 (Chuwi Hi 12 Hipen H1)

The popular Chuwi Hipen H1 is powered by a single AAAA battery, and can be used continuously for around 250 hours. It's designed to support 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, making it ideal for even fine graphics work.

This versatile accessory measures 13.9cm with an easy-grip design and weighs just 16g. You can also see two buttons on its body, which are conveniently mapped to the left and right mouse buttons. Palm rejection is a definite highlight, allowing you to push the limits of what's possible with a tablet.


#2. Stylus pen for Cube i9 / CEP02 (Pen for Cube i9 / CEP02)

The Cube CEP02 active stylus pen features a premium design, and is designed specifically for use with the Cube i9 / Cube iWork 10 Flagship. As with the Chuwi Hipen Hi, this one also supports 256 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Some customers shared their feedback with us regarding this pen: "cheap price", "good precision" and "battery free" are all positive points in the CEP02's favor, making it especially easy to recommend to our customers.


#3. Original Teclast X16 Plus / Tbook16 / Tbook10 Active Stylus Pen (Active Stylus Pen)

This Teclast pen is wrapped in an attractive all-metal body, with an ultra-thin stylus tip that tapers to just 1mm. With high precision, fine control, pen clip, and premium materials, this stylus pen is perfect for any task.

Distinctive from traditional stylus pens, this Teclast stylus features one USB charging port, designed for quick charging; a full charge just takes 1 - 1.5 hours of charging via the included adapter (5-5.25V / 500mA-1000mA).


#4. Active Stylus Pen for Chuwi VI 10 PLUS / Hi 10 PLUS / Hi 10 Pro (Active Stylus Pen)

Compared with the Chuwi Hipen H1 model, the H2 adds a convenient indicator light that can show red (charging) and blue (in use) colors to show various states. This compact pen also offers standard mini USB ports at the top for easy-access charging.

A single charge delivers enough power for between 20-22 hours of continuous use. Sense and simplicity in every design of this pen, so you can't miss it!


Wrap up

We're confident you can find the right stylus for you on Gearbest. With affordable brands and gift-buying season in full swing, there's never been a better time to grab the perfect deal for yourself or a loved one.


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