Pokemon Go Go Go: 52 more to debut on Pokemon Go 2nd Gen

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-11 709

BIG REVEAL! The 52 new monsters in Pokemon Go 2nd Gen have been outed! Currently the hottest AR game, Pokemon Go, is getting ready for its second generation. The list of all 52 new monsters has been leaked online, folks!

In the second generation, players will have the opportunity to catch even more amazing. The list includes newly-released monsters such as the amazing Ho-Oh, who complements the existing group.



In addition, sites have also discovered a new skill called Transform. But the exact details of the skill has not been made clear, or even whether all the monsters can use it.

“We will continue with the development of Pokemon Go,” said Niantic, a developer of Pokemon Go, when asked about more precise details. “We do not comment on unconfirmed rumors and speculations.”

What do we think about all this? Well, we love Pokemon Go! We’re fired up and scouring the internet for even more cool news.


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