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Cebit, the world’s largest and influential expo for innovation and digitization, kicks off on Monday, June 11, and will end on Friday, June 15. It’s a great platform to showcase the top-notch digital technology, such as Virtual Reality, Robotics, Unmanned Systems, Future Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. In order to celebrate this grand festival, our GearBest holds a special Cebit promotion. Now, it’s time for us to enjoy the digital transformation together.


GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion time: June 11 - June 18


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Cebit 2018

The GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion starts on June 11 and will end on June 18. It provides some top and hottest Cebit 2018 themed products including RC Quadcopters, VR Products, Vacuum Robots, Smart Lighting, Electric Scooters, 3D Printers. Then, I'm showing you around the each part.

Top | RC Quadcopters

Are you a drone hobbyist who can immerse yourself in playing your drone for a few hours until running out of the power? Or a professional pilot who can perform various cool aerial stunts? Or just a new player who is trying operating the remote controller?

RC quadcopters

The RC Quadcopters plaza will offer you what you want. Look! A wave of top RC drones are provided with up to 43% off, and more importantly, you will meet many popular RC brands, such as JJRC, DJI, Hubsan, etc.

top RC quadcopters on GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion


Hottest | VR Products

Want to enjoy immersive 3D movies or exciting games at home? The VR products will open a whole new world for you.

VR products

On the VR Products plaza, the hottest VR products and brands have gathered here, such as the PIMAX, Xiaomi, etc. So what should you think about is a matter of choosing a VR headset or a VR glasses, instead of the quality of these well selected VR products.  

the hottest VR products on GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion


Must-have | Vacuum Robots

Sometimes, you may be very busy, or just want to enjoy a good weekend after a full week of work, or you may have been tired of doing endless housework. Why not let robots do these trivial things? Such as the vacuum robots, which have been a must-have and widely used appliance just like the washing machies or air conditioners.

Vacuum robots

In Vacuum Robots plaza, you will find various cleaning robots, such as Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, ROIDMI Wireless Strong Suction Vacuum Cleaner, and so on. Just choose a vacuum robot you like and take it home, then you will be free of home cleaning works for ever.

Must-have vacuum robots on GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion 


Best | Smart Lighting

The smart lighting has gained wide popularities for its smart features and the great convenience it brings to our life. Different from the traditional lighting, the smart lighting is usaully equipped with dimming system that allowing a flexible adjustment of brightness and color temperature.

smart lighting

More importantly, almost all the smart lights can be easily controlled by smartphones via WiFi or Bluetooth connection, so you can conveniently remotely switch on and off your lights even they are in different rooms.

And some other lights are euqipped with infrared sensors, such as the Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Night Light, it can automatically turn on when you walk in the darkness.

Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Night Light

Depite this, the smart lights have many other welcome features, such as good quality, wide application, easy installation, etc. That's wonderful! Everyone must be very willing to get a smart light to make their home smarter and more comfortable.  

the best smart lights on GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion 


Epic | Electric Scooters

Nowadays, electric scooters have been one of the most popular travel tools for short distance commuters. Featuring compact and lightweight, the electric scooters are ideal alternatives to bicycles and electric motorcycles.

electric scooters

You can easily ride the electric scooters to avoid the gridlock, to keep away from the crowded public transport, and to be the master of your own route. So stop complaining the terrible transportation, and choose an electric scooter on GearBest to enjoy a more smooth and convenient travel.

epic electric scooters on GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion


Top-rated | 3D Printers

3D Printers can turn your great ideas into real models, so it has been widely used in many areas, such as manufacture, business, arts or other designs. What's more, many people have made a fortune and successfully started their business via 3D printers. Imaging that a 3D printer will creat endless possiblities for your life, so you have no reason to ignore it.

3D printers

Here, the 3D Printers plaza offers various top rated 3D printers with up to 21% off, such as the Anet A8 Desktop 3D Printer, which is available now with just $139.99. Whether your focus is on the printing volume, or printing quality, or printing speed, or the price, you will find a satisfying one on our GearBest.

top-rated 3D printers on GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion


Bottom line

Dear guys! You may be unable to go to the hilarious Hanover fairground to join the Cebit 2018, just like me, but you can keep pace with the advanced digital technology and you can still enjoy the amazing digital products. And we hope this GearBest Cebit 2018 promotion will be not only a feast for your eyes, but also will change your life.


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