【Tech News】 360 N7: powerful performance-born to game

ByLydia Scott 2018-05-10 2834

With the "Honor of Kings", "CrossFire" and "Knives Out" and other mobile game users are exploding. Many smartphone manufacturers have developed some products, especially for games. The 360 N7 provided almost all the genes to play games.
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High configuration and long battery life coexist

The first element of the "Knives Out" series is a high demand for mobile phone configuration, followed by a strong battery life. In this respect, 360 mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 6GB large storage, support 18W QC3.0 fast-charge 5030mAh high-capacity Battery, the normal use of the machine can be easily three days.


360 N7 5030mAh battery


As the hottest chip in the high-end mobile phone, the strength of Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 cannot be underestimated. The use of the octa-core Kryo 260 architecture, the highest frequency of 2.2GHz, its performance compared to the last generation Snapdragon 653 increased by 20%. The GPU upgrades to Adreno 512, up 30% over Adreno 510 performance. Both performance and power consumption are excellent.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

Game accelerator equipped

Want to have a good experience in games, in addition to strong hardware support, effective software optimization is also essential. In fact, in order to ensure that the user can win a game comfortably, the 360 N6 Pro, which released last year, has been equipped with a professional gaming accelerator, in 360 N7, this function has been retained, and get improved.


360 N7


The magic of this feature is that it creates a more immersive gaming experience through multiple measures such as exclusive game performance optimization, free games, and management calls. In this mode, 360 N7 processor will be octa-core fully open, and automatically improve the CPU and GPU operating frequency, so that the game always gets the most performance resources, running smoothly.


360 n7 camera


In this feature, users can set a different game resolution to improve the smoothness of the game, but also by checking the back-end online mode, full performance, call mode, speed protection, shielding notification, offers a high frame rate mode, etc. To let the performance of the game more arbitrary, away from the window and call disturb. When needed, you can also cross the screen, recording video, and other operations, easy to share with friends.

Perfect screen ratio

In order to ensure that the users can gain a broader vision during gaming, 360 N7 except equipped with a piece of 5.99-inch 2160x1080 PFHD+ overall screen, the screen ratio of the performance is also excellent, reached the industry's leading 84.5%. A higher screen ratio means that it can get a larger viewing area with the same size screen as other models, and see more clearly in the game around. For the average user, this screen is also very meaningful, it means that we watch the video, especially widescreen video, we can get the shock experience like a movie.


360 n7 screen


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