【Tech News】 Best mini PC just 5 inch Windows 10/Android 5.1 supported!

ByLydia Scott 2018-05-14 3524

The mini PC become more and more popular, now the world's most powerful pocket-sized PC is in the crowdfunding. Here are some features of it.
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Powerful hardware supported

The mini PC use a 2.56 GHz Atom x7-Z8750 processor, support the Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection and double-frequency band WiFi, equipped with a 5 inch 720P touch screen, support Windows 10 or Android 5.1 operating system.


mini PC

Multiple connection ports, long service life

It offers a variety of ports including USB Type-C, USB 3.0 and 2.0, gigabit Ethernet and HDMI, and extension storage of micro SD slot, support the 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD storage. Built in 6000mAh battery, with 6 hours battery life.




Cool appearance design with an extra foldable keyboard

The Mini PC using fanless design with advance engineered heat sinks, ensures complete noiselessness and maintenance-free operation, it is very reassuring. The aluminum shell looks pretty cool. In addition, it also equipped with folding Bluetooth keyboard, make type operation more convenient than the screen virtual keyboard.


mini pc with keyboard

On-The-Go entertainment

HDMI output plus full Windows 10 OS means you can play your favorite PC games, HD movies, or TV shows whenever, wherever. It even has an add-on controller pack to give you a console feel on a portable self-contained device.


mini pc


Wherever you are and wherever you go, you'll have a portable, versatile PC ready for you in a instant.

mini pc


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