【Tech News】 Foldable Samsung galaxy x - full of black technology!

ByBrielle Wilson 2018-05-02 1203

The foldable phone is coming. It is said that Samsung is about to launch a foldable mobile phone, called Samsung galaxy X.
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Gao Dongzheng, president of Samsung Mobile Division, said in an interview earlier this week that the phone is currently in the R&D stage and some of the materials are being solved. It is expected that the mass production will be completed soon. And the Samsung galaxy x mobile phone with a new foldable screen will be a new series of Samsung.


Samsung galaxy X 01


Currently, there is a foreign design team AndroidLEO produced a Samsung Galaxy X rendering video. As you can see from the picture, the Samsung Galaxy X is similar to a notebook mobile phone and has four sides A, B, C, and D. Among them, the A, B, and C sides are screens; the A side uses a 6.5-inch screen and the B side. The QHD display is used on the C side. The most amazing thing is that when the phone switches to laptop mode, the C side can also be turned into a full-size keyboard, allowing users to achieve a complete notebook experience.


Samsung galaxy x front


In addition, because this mobile phone uses a foldable design, it will not be equipped with a front camera. All the shots are taken on the D-side rear camera. It is understood that the Samsung Galaxy X system will also be different from the current Android system and will use Samsung's newly customized Samsung Dex UI.



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