【Tech News】 iFi Audio Pro iESL the awesome electrostatic headphone amplifier

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To drive an electrostatic headphone, a specialized headphone amplifier is necessary.

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When electrostatic headphone manufacturers produce an electrostatic headphones, they also make original amps for them. Of course, some people would like to try other headphone amps other than the original amps. However, due to the complicated production of electrostatic headset amps, there are limited third-party products available. However, you may be able to try iFi Audio's exclusive electrostatic earphone amplifier Pro iESL.

iFi Audio Pro iESL electrostatic headphone amplifier

Pro iESL, which is part of iFi Audio's Pro series, is an amp designed specifically for electrostatic headphones. Its greatest feature is its ability to provide the ultra-high voltage required for electrostatic headphones, allowing the electrostatic headphones to be "filled with energy" and thus displaying a wide range of performance to express the dynamic range and the sense of transparency, which are an electrostatic headphone should have.


iFi Audio Pro iESL electrostatic headphone amplifier

PPCT equipped

Pro iESL achieves its ultimate goal of "perfectly matching" electrostatic headphones through the design of high-permeability transformers, bias generators, and capacitive battery power supplies. Pro iESL uses a transformer called PPCT (Pinstripe Permalloy Core Transformer), which must be customized especially, and with complex multi-layer hand-wrapping technology to meet the high bandwidth and low distortion requirements of Pro iESL. In the power section, Pro iESL is powered by a capacitor. When the capacitor is charged to the desired voltage, the charging circuit is turned off to provide the purest power supply.

iFi Audio Pro iESL electrostatic headphone amplifier

3 sets of headphone output connectors offered

In terms of interface, ProiESL has 3 sets of headphone output connectors, the left Normal connector can be connected to the earlier 6-pin STAX electrostatic headphones, can provide 230V bias; the right interface can be used for 5-pin electrostatic headphones, and can pass the right knob from 500V to 640V, five bias are switched; the middle interface is suitable for general 4-pin balanced dynamic earphones, and the rightmost knob can be switched to four impedances of 16 ohm to 64 ohm for a wide range of applications.

iFi Audio Pro iESL electrostatic headphone amplifier

3 kinds of input supported

In the input section, Pro iESL can accept the amplifier input in addition to a set of 4-pin XLR input, that is, there is no problem if your source is a normal amplifier. Pro iESL also offers ESL-Link to connect iFi Audio's own Pro iCan. In addition, Pro iESL also has a speaker output, so that you can occasionally enjoy listening to speakers.

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