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When it comes to Xiaomi, many people think it's a magical brand, not only the whole product, is also quite favorable price, and lots of users become "Xiaomi fans", have to say that the price of Xiaomi has captured the hearts of many consumers.
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A variety of products is another major advantage of Xiaomi, is clearly a mobile phone started technology company, but now has become a "grocery store", sweeping robot, eye lamp, plug, intelligent induction, refrigerators, air-conditioning and so on. Only you can not think of, there is no Xiaomi does not sell. Now, Xiaomi crowdfunding raised and shelves a flashlight, only $15.59 in china.


This flashlight is called "Xiaomi Beebest super bright zoom flashlight", uses imported Cree xp-l Hi series lamp beads, up to 1000LM, 365m irradiation distance, more than 50,000 hours service life. The whole cylinder body uses aviation six series aluminum alloy materials, fall-resistant collision, can prevent sweat corrosion, surface anodic oxidation sandblasting process.


Xiaomi Beebest flashlight 1


In order to fit a variety of practical scenarios, Xiaomi Beebest super bright zoom flashlight adopts the stepless zoom design, telescopic barrel can let the flashlight in the spotlight mode and the pan-light mode of free switching, the former penetrating more strong, and the latter has a greater lighting angle, adjustable lighting angle for 7.7° - 40°.


Xiaomi Beebest flashlight 2


For Xiaomi, spending its energy in a flashlight is really not easy, it is enough to see the Xiaomi Beebest flashlight is sincere to the user. But put aside these performance, Xiaomi Beebest flashlight sold to $15.59 in China, really affordable?


Xiaomi Beebest flashlight 3


About practicability, now mobile phones and other smart devices have flashlight function, the bedside also have a table lamp, so the practicality of the flashlight has been weakened a lot, it's rarely useful except for camping, so from the application scenario, i’m worried about the sales of this flashlight. So, what is your opinion about Xiaomi Beebest super bright zoom flashlight?


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