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2018 Lenovo ThinkPad T series - ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s & ThinkPad T580, portable office tools developed for white-collar, is now fully available.
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Lenovo ThinkPad T series consists of T480, T480s, T580. Among them, the T480 is multi-expandable, providing dual-memory, dual-drive, and bridging dual batteries, allowing users to freely choose a combination of functions.


ThinkPad T480 front


ThinkPad T580 uses a full keyboard design with a numeric keypad and supports UHD (4K) 300nits IPS screens.


ThinkPad T480s emphasizes high performance and maneuverability. As the thinnest model of the ThinkPad T series 2018, the ultra-thin body with a weight of 1.32kg and a thickness of only 18.45mm carries a high-performance discrete graphics card and supports fast charging, one hour is full of 80% electricity to achieve long life in ideal condition.


ThinkPad T480s


Because of the comprehensive needs of the deep-seated engineers for performance, efficiency, high quality and safety performance, ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s & ThinkPad T580 can be used to provide professional users with lightweight, portable, uncompromising durability, powerful and comprehensive, balanced type. The application experience effectively helps elites in technology and management in various industries to carry out key tasks such as mobile office and design and manufacturing with high efficiency.

Comprehensive portable office helper

With a balanced and comprehensive professional design philosophy, the ThinkPad T Series 2018 is equipped with the world's leading hardware configurations. The highest selectable eighth-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and 2G memory GeForce MX150 graphics card, faster, stronger The data processing capabilities and the performance of CAD, PS and other professional graphics software.


ThinkPad T480


At the same time, it adopts a forward-looking interface design to allow users to freely select various expansion devices such as the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docking station and ThinkPad Type-C portable expander. The combination of powerful computing power and abundant expandability facilitates the professionalism represented by engineers. Technical and engineering elites quickly build high-performance workstations in open environments outside the fixed workplace, such as business meetings, SOHO, and external visits, to develop professional and complex computing applications such as data processing, information, and equipment maintenance. And support dual-screen output display, to meet the needs of multi-screen office and conference presentations, instant avatar engineer productivity multiplier.

ThinkPad T580

ThinkShutter privacy protection for information security

In the typical application scenario of setting up a workbench in an unfamiliar environment, ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s & ThinkPad T580 are equipped with a push-type fingerprint reader and a ThinkShutter with a one-button physically-off camera in order to meet the engineers' higher requirements for PC confidentiality. Optional infrared camera models with facial recognition, provide efficient and reliable protection for engineers' sensitive commercial data and engineering data.


ThinkPad T480 back

Excellent keyboard

In order to better meet the rigorous, pragmatic and direct theme of the engineer's aesthetic and work attitude, the ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s & ThinkPad T580 continues the thoughtful design of ThinkPad's iconic TrackPoint Red Riding Hood and classic three-button design, X-bracketed 1.8mm key-shaped arc keycap. Keep keyboard feel and continuity of operating habits. All systems are equipped with anti-glare matte screens and dual-digital array microphones, allowing engineers to comfortably face the typical working scenes such as outdoor lighting, factory noise, and noisy lighting with no background noise.


ThinkPad T480 keyboard


At the same time, taking into account the complexity of the actual working environment of engineers, ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s & ThinkPad T580 use a splash-resistant keyboard design, can withstand 30000 times the opening and closing of the alloy shaft, APS hard drive protection technology and a series of software and hardware technologies to enhance reliability. It also passed 12 military standard rigorous controlled tests based on the MIL-STD-810G standard, with no fear of harsh environments and sudden bumps. T480s also used a carbon fiber composite material on the top of the fuselage to make the fuselage become Lighter and stronger.

Large-screen, scalability & Differentiated design

The ThinkPad T-series 2018 achieves a complete change in hardware performance, scalability, mobile office experience, and data security. ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s, and ThinkPad T580 are three arrows in a homogeneous mode, which further refines product positioning and expands audience range. Among them, the T480 achieves a free combination of parts with multiple expansions. The dual hard disk, dual memory, and dual battery design are sufficient for most of the users' needs. The large-screen, full-keyboard ThinkPad T580 is more suitable for financial stock analysts and professional accounting users. Give users more ideal operation and human-computer interaction experience.


ThinkPad T480s fast charging


ThinkPad T480s has a strong mobility and battery life, and supports fast charging, support 80% power off in one hour off the state, easily turned "outside operations" engineers are the most sharp portable tools. A senior engineer can complete maintenance work on large-scale equipment in an external field environment that lacks power supply and supporting facilities.

The myth of 2018

Whether it is powerful computing and data processing capabilities, time-tested high reliability and the latest security solutions, or legacy classic, cutting-edge design, ThinkPad T480, ThinkPad T480s, and ThinkPad T580 with comprehensive performance and portable win-win mode, it continued to reflect the myth of the ThinkPad T series for 2018.


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