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【Tech News】 OPPO Find X keeps your privacy only to yourself

ByBrielle Wilson 2018-06-21 4517

On June 20th, OPPO unveiled its long-lost Find flagship - OPPO Find X, at the Louvre in Paris. Find X has a lot of new technology, but I'm sure one of the most fascinating is the O-face 3D structure light technology that is built into the two-track submersible structure pioneered by OPPO.
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What is O-face 3D structured light technology?

The basic principle of 3D structured light technology is that the light with certain structural features emitted by the near-infrared laser is projected onto the object being photographed and then collected by a special infrared camera. Due to this kind of have a certain structure of the light in your subject area of different depth of the object, and lead to collect images generated after relatively primitive light structure changes, and then through the operation unit to the change of the structure conversion into depth information, we will get the 3D structure of objects photographed.


OPPO Find X O-face 3D structured light technology


In a nutshell, the root of the 3D structure light technology is to get photographed by optical means three-dimensional structure of the object, through the application of this information in greater depth, such as unlock, skin care, payment, etc.

OPPO Find X O-face structure light operation mechanism

On OPPO Find X, the 3D structured light sensor is designed to be inside the dual-track peering structure. This structure is usually hidden in the phone. When activation is required, the internal motor pushes the latent structure up, exposing the structural optical elements and obtaining external 3D data.

What can 3D structured light do?

What can OPPO Find X do with the 3D structured data after it has been retrieved? Let's take a look at this:

Firstly, it can be used to faces unlock more safely than fingerprints.

With the increasing demand of mobile payment and office, the security of mobile data is highly demanded. However, the widely used fingerprint identification technology is becoming increasingly unsafe due to the extensive means of fingerprint acquisition.


OPPO Find X face unlock


In addition, the fault tolerance rate of fingerprint recognition is only one in 10,000, and the fault tolerance rate can reach one in a million if we use 3D structured light technology to unlock the face. And because the 3D structure light technology precision can reach millimeter level, so by other techniques, it is difficult to copy the user the facial structure of diddle unlock phone system, further enhance the security.


Secondly, with structured light technology, fine face beauty operation can be achieved.

If it is a traditional beauty algorithm, due to the limited access to users' facial data, the operation of beauty is often counterproductive. Through 3D structure light technology, mobile phones can accurately understand the facial parts structure information, which in the case of does not affect other areas, specifically for the face an area of special beautification, let beauty more intelligent, more natural.


Thirdly, there is also facial recognition security payments.

With extremely safe facial recognition, through this technology we can achieve more challenging, and paid as application scenario for the high demand for security, is obviously the perfect way to play a 3D structure light security features.


OPPO Find X facial recognition payments


Currently, OPPO establish the joint innovation lab, with the ant gold suit both team has completed the 3D face pay technical preparation, structured light 3D facial recognition to pay will be able to Find on OPPO Find X!


Fourthly, detect face data and make cute GIF animals emoji.

in Find X's photo app, there's also an extra cartoon mode, which also requires structured light. By its real-time detection of human face data, the machines can be built in various of fun little animal's head, and then imitate the user's facial expression and facial movements, recorded in the mobile phone, bag into a GIF figure expression.


OPPO Find X make GIF emoji

O-face 3D structure light technology has great potential in the future


In addition to the above several kinds of play methods, OPPO Find X O-face 3D structure light technology will accomplish a lot of difficult operations that cannot achieve today in the future, such as AR game, 3D modeling of commodity, even holographic video calls that occur only in science fiction film.

Therefore, 3D structured light technology has a very rich application prospect in the future. I believe this is one of the reasons OPPO chose this technology, and Find X brings this technology to our lives ahead of time. So, don't you want to experience it?



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