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ByEvelyn Garcia 2018-05-04 1874

Recently, Razer announced the launch of a new entry-level gaming mouse, which will debut in China and be launched globally. Razer named this series of mice as Razer Abyssus Essential. Unlike other ordinary mice, Abyssus Essential is equipped with RGB lighting that reflects the color of your mouse pad with dim lighting. It emits your favorite shades from the top or the side, and of course the very prominent Razer logo.
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High-touch ergonomic keys

Holding the new Razer Abyssus, grasp the timing precisely and issue game commands. Adopting rapidly trigger high touch three key design, each key has 5 million keystroke life. key contour design fully meets the finger arc, and keep speed, durability and comfort in any gaming state.

Razer Abyssus keys

3500DPI Optical Sensor

Experiencing the ultra-high sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing the mouse to accurately translate into game operations each time. The Razer Abyssus is equipped with a 3500dpi optical sensor, etting your operate game as fast as conditional reflexes.

Textured surface non-slip side skirt

Razer Abyssus newly upgraded textured non-slip side skirt which allows you to enhance control and precision when lifting or moving quickly the mouse.

Raser Abyssue side

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