【Tech News】 Red and blue colors may OPPO’s next choice

ByLydia Scott 2018-05-16 27579

On May 14, the OPPO official has released a new poster, which indicate there's a new trend for OPPO.
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From the point of the posters, this theme will be red and blue color, suggests that OPPO will bring us a different "visual enjoyment", and posters displayed with "red blue sound waves", we can boldly predict that OPPO music carnival may open again.


OPPO smartphone


As a smartphone brand which has more than 200 million younger users in the world, OPPO keep to insight the core needs of young people, made great innovation on product appearance and customer pain points, in a more fashionable way to meet the needs of different young people, so every product has attracted much attention.


oppo FC Barcelona customized


A report shows that more than 90% of young OPPO users are under the age of 35. OPPO is one of the most popular mobile phone brand among young people. OPPO success in the young user groups, mainly is to adhere to the high-quality goods strategy, letting the young users like it. OPPO launched several custom product in recent years, for example, FC Barcelona customized version, TFboys customized version all let fans praised. That is why OPPO firmly in younger users.




As the saying goes, "the red and blue create more couples", they are tow popularity colors, make it together will certainly to the next level.

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