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ByLydia Scott 2018-05-12 3240

With the enhancement of projector quality, ease of use and price optimization, the smart home projector shows great advantages in competition.
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Smart mini projector: the hostile force of TV

After years of market experience, whether the product quality, or prices the smart mini projector has been further optimized. At present, the market has many smart mini projector industry brands, such as XGIMI, nuts, Tmall, Can, LG, Skyworth and other hundreds of manufacturers from various fields, all want to dominate the market.


smart  mini projector


The most embarrassing of smart mini projector in recent years is the brightness problem, but in the brightness also has a more obvious upgrade, the 1080P models out, basically can meet the daily use. In the future, the mini projector industry will gradually develop new product, brings new interesting ideas.


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4K Home projector popularized

Look at the entire display industry in recent years, the topic core is the details of quality, how to show the nuances of the picture better, restore the true color has been the major problem that manufacturers are committed to solve. This is undoubtedly evidenced by the grafting of HDR, the appearance of OLED, and the level of resolution advanced. Of course, as a display industry indispensable projection industry also has more obvious breakthrough changes in this year.


4K projector


After years of evolution, brightness, contrast and other hardware attributes have been very mature. General scope up to 2000-3000lm, and this brightness is enough to meet the needs of daily use, so the quality of the upgrade details becomes the focus of the home projection industry competition, 4K projector appear is the most intuitive embodiment about it.

Laser TV: the key to challenge traditional TV

The rise of the laser TV has become the key to challenge traditional television, it is based on the mature application of laser technology, combine with the professional light glare screen, this kind of product set convergence advanced technique, can be called as the most advanced projector. Whether it's hardware, practicality or color all have a full range of promotion.


laser projector TV


Laser TV as a combination of cutting-edge technology, a comprehensive upgrade of home projection quality, to solve the shortcomings of the traditional projector, have become a masterpiece of home projector, for the replacement of traditional television to provide sufficient strength. At this stage as a new product, the price of laser TV is high, suitable for high-end users to purchase, in the future, if the price suitable for common people, the laser TV will have a strong competition.


home theater


In 2018, the home projector market will open to the laser, 4K and smart, the home projector's rising potential has been unstoppable. In the next, the home projector will enter into a high-speed development period, there will be a large number of manufacturers to follow up, the product categories will be more diversified, prices will be constantly optimized, ordinary users can easily enjoy the smooth experience with the home theater!


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