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【Tech News】 The longawaited iPhone Xs will soon be released on today’s Apple 2018 launch event

BySophia Windsor 2018-09-12 3839

Apple 2018 new products launch event will be held tonight at Steve Jobs Theater. Every tech geek may be desperate for this grand technology feast.


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Rather than play along, we would find some plausible rumors to get a sneak peek.

It is predicted that Apple will release 3 iPhone models: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or Plus, iPhone Xr. Now, let's have a look at the specific information of the 3 new iPhone models.

the back design of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr

the display of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr

1. iPhone Xs - 5.8-inch OLED notch screen, Apple A12 chipset

According to the latest news, the new iPhone Xs will adopt 5.8-inch OLED screen with 458 ppi and follow the previous notch design on iPhone X. And it will be powered by the new Apple A12 chipset which will further boost the phone's performance. Besides, the iPhones Xs will bring you upgraded UI with running on IOS 12.

In terms of camera, the iPhone Xs will have dual rear cameras. And there will be a single front camera coupled with the Face ID.

The exciting news is that the new iPhone Xs may be first equipped with 4GB RAM and a dual-SIM card slot, as well as more optional colors (up to 6 colors). If that is true, the new iPhone models will surely gain more customers than before.

  the dual-SIM card slot on the new iPhone Xs models

2. iPhone Xs Max or Plus - 6.5-inch OLED screen with 480 ppi

iPhone Xs Max or Plus may be the biggest one among the 3 new iPhone models. It will adopt 6.5-inch OLED screen with 480 ppi. Despite this, the iPhone Xs Max or Plus may be almost same to the iPhone Xs in processor, RAM, camera and color options, namely, Apple A12 chipset chipset, 4GB RAM, dual rear cameras and single front camera with Face ID. And you will enjoy up to 512GB of onboard storage.   

iPhone Xs Max

3. iPhone Xr - the most-affordable iPhone model with 6.1-inch

Despite the iPhone Xs, iPhones Xs Max, the news revealed that Apple company will provide the third iPhone model, and it may be named as iPhone Xr. The iPhone Xr may be paired with 6.1-inch LCD screen with notch design and Apple A12 chipset, and also supports Face ID. While the difference may lie in camera. The iPhone Xr is predicted to come with single rear camera. So the slightly moderate configuration on iPhone Xr indicates that it will cheaper than the previous new models.     

iPhone Xr

iPhone Xs price

As one of the most expensive phones in the world, the iPhone's price has been our most concern. The leak indicates that the iPhone Xr will fetch around $600 - $700, the iPhone Xs will be $999, and the iPhone Xs Max will be expected at $1049.

However, iPhones are just a part of show on this upcoming 2018 Apple launch event. There are many other Apple series products predicted to be released, such as the new MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPad Pro, Apple Watch 4, AirPower wireless charger, and the new AirPods.

Bottom line

All the information above is just aiming at keeping you ahead of the latest news. The final truth will be soon unveiled in Apple's official launch event.

Will the upcoming Apple's 2018 launch conference bring us more surprises and technical innovation? Let's stay tuned.   


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