【Tech News】 The world’s tiniest game controller 8Bitdo ZERO made by China

ByLydia Scott 2018-05-03 4016

The Switch game machine has set off a craze in the world. In recent days, a small "artifact" , the world’s tiniest and most powerful full-sized wireless Bluetooth game controller 8Bitdo ZERO appeared.
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This is a super mini game controller product produced by a Chinese manufacturer. We can even put it in a wallet.


 8Bitdo ZERO game controller

Tiny but fully-powered

ZERO weighs just 50 grams, 73mm x 35mm x 10mm size, although it is small in size, it has more than 20 hours of battery life and is small enough to carry on your keychain.  


the tiniest game controller 8Bitdo ZERO

Play any game, anywhere

This game controllers is designed to be as versatile as possible with each of your modern devices. Easily pair your controller as an X-input or D-input device via Bluetooth.


the tiniest game controller 8Bitdo ZERO

Easy to use

This handle has only four basic keys, a cross key, two function keys, and two shoulder keys, so it will be limited in function. And there is no way to simulate the Home key of the Switch, you can only operate simple games. But most importantly, this controller is very portable, you deserve it!


game controller 8Bitdo ZERO


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