【Tech News】 Upcoming Apple Watch may have a circular dial

ByLydia Scott 2018-05-10 568

Apple has only upgraded its internal configuration for the first three generations since the birth of Apple Watch and has been using the original design for its appearance. The iPhone X has changed its face, will Apple Watch change?
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A recent report from Apple Insider speaks about an Apple patent filing published in the early days, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent, which is the electronic device that configures the curved edge display, which describes how to produce a display screen that is different from a common rectangular screen. The patent means Apple does consider a round dial on Apple Watch and the scheme has been formed, and it also notes in the patent that it can produce a round display by reducing the number of pixels and using irregular like pixel and columns.


Apple Watch


Of course, Apple's mere application for the patent does not mean the company will apply the patented technology to actual production. The company files numerous patents, many of which don’t see the light of day. But patent applications often mean that the company has the will to develop in that direction, in the future, the sale of the circular dial Apple Watch is not a myth.


Apple Watch


The traditional circular dial and casual rectangle dial, which one would you like?


Apple Watch

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