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【Tech News】 Vivo X23 is officially revealed: featuring super-wide angle lens shooting and in-display fingerprint sensor

BySophia Windsor 2018-08-22 3857

Recently, a new highly anticipated smartphone is rising to the surface of the market. It’s Vivo X23. The Vivo official web also shows some images and highlights of Vivo X23. What’s new it will bring us? Let’s dig out.

This year is a bumper harvest year for Vivo. Its one innovation after another brings us many surprises, such as the hot-selling Vivo X21, and the novel futuristic Vivo NEX. And now another surprise - Vivo X23.


Vivo X21 4G Phablet Global Edition

Vivo X21 4G Phablet Global Edition - BLACK
$667 $539.99    


Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK
$867 $719.99    


Vivo X23 is the successor of Vivo X21, and now it can be pre-ordered on some Chinese webs. The company published Vivo X23' s appearance, the main highlights and memory combo.

Vivo X23 design

According to the revealed pictures on the official web, Vivo X23 adopts waterdrop-like design and ultra-narrow bezel. The screen-to-body ratio can be up to 91.2%. The phone looks very beautiful, thanks to the gradient color glass panel coupled with 3D premium design. Besides, the Vivo X23 supports 4th-gen in-display fingerprint, which will greatly improve your fingerprint unlocking experience. Will it come with 3D face recognition? So far there haven't been official news about it.

Vivo X23 camera

The Vivo X23 camera is also one of the highlights. The Vivo X23 boasts dual rear AI cameras in a vertical orientation, which features super-wide angle lens and super backlight shooting technology. The primary advantage of super-wide angle lens is that it can allow more of scene to be included in the photograph, so it will be very suitable for architecture, landscape, or group photography.    

Vivo X23 CPU and memory

The vivo official web has published the memory combo of Vivo X23. It will be paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, which is enough for you to smoothly enjoy multiple usage scenarios.

In terms of CPU, the rumors reveal that the Vivo X23 may be euipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 or 710 processor, as well as the independent audio DAC chip.

More specs and features about the Vivo X23 will be finally unveiled on its upcoming official launch conference. Let's wait and see.   



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