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OPPO R15 can be said to be one of the most popular full-screen mobile phones at present. It allows the camera experience to continuously evolve towards perfection.
OPPO R15 Camera

OPPO R15 characteristics in terms of photographing

● The first use of the Sony IMX519 sensor

● First 3-HDR real-time classification exposure

● Smart Scene Recognition 2.0

● AI wisdom beauty

It can be seen that the upgrade of the OPPO R15 includes both hardware and software, and both the front and rear are upgraded. In particular, OPPO's 3-HDR real-time classification exposure is known as "no fear of back light".

3-HDR real-time classification exposure

First of all, we must first understand what 3-HDR real-time classification exposure is? Simply put, it is OPPO's hardware-level optimization based on the "pixel reconstruction" technology used by R9 and R11s. It uses different exposure conditions among 4 sub-pixels in a large reconstruction pixel to be processed in a single process. Real-time hardware graded exposure can be achieved. The specific effect is shown in the following figure. When the user is taking self-portraits in the backlight, 3-HDR can display the HDR effect after multi-frame synthesis in real time through the screen of the mobile phone. Not only the portrait is clear, also the background is clear, which is "what you see is what you get". What you see is the final imaging effect, which has not been achieved before.

OPPO R15 Android Smartphone

With the "what you see is what you get" experience with 3-HDR, it is much easier for us to use the OPPO R15 for self-timer backlighting. It is only necessary to use the screen of the mobile phone to determine whether the screen display is the final one that you want to present. Effect, and then press the shutter button, compared to the previous experience, it is difficult to predict the HDR effect of the final photo, OPPO R15 was simply bombed.

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For example, in front of the cabinets of various flashing lights, we only need to pose, preview the final HDR effect through the screen of R15, make sure that the face is bright and white, and the background is not exposed to clear details. Zhang’s excellent backlighting is the same as the preview, with no background light exposure or darkness. And thanks to the 20 million ultra-clear camera and AI smart beauty technology, the R15 shooting backlighting camera not only has a superior HDR effect, but also can make smart beauty from person to person, a seductive circle of friends nice picture was born here.

This is the powerful "what you see is what you get" 3-HDR. It can adjust the final HDR effect in real time. The backlighting self-shooting rate can be as high as 100%. After all, compared to the traditional HDR, the 3-HDR developed by OPPO is just like Open God's perspective and be able to "early" see the final photo.

OPPO R15 Android Smartphone photo

Summary: After reading, did you have more knowledge of 3-HDR? Its main function is to display the final HDR effect in real time in our self-timer backlight. This makes it possible to adjust the backlighting self-shooting effect for the first time regardless of whether you are a photographer or a photographer. This is an unprecedented backlighting. Self-timer experience. At the same time, with more professional hardware and more intelligent software algorithms, using R15 backlighting can also adapt to more shooting scenes, which is one of the most important indicators it distinguishes from other mobile phones.

In the end, I would like to say that if a mobile phone takes a photo backlit, nobody will accept it.

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