【Tech News】New iPhone X in 2018 - three kinds of size for you to choose

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The time for Apple's release of the iPhone X has also passed half a year, and the new generation of iPhone X must have been gearing up.

Recently, foreign media Slashleaks revealed that Apple will launch three iPhone X in September this year, and also attached a set of high-definition renderings.

new iphone x

According to the report, the three iPhone X has different sizes and the screens are 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches respectively. Out of the screen size, in other respects are consistent with the current iPhone X, also uses a full screen with notch design. In addition, those who broke the news also claimed that the 6.1-inch iPhone X will use an LCD screen, which is expected to be the cheapest one among the rumors.


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The new iPhone X is likely to be named iPhone XI, which is Roman number 11. In terms of configuration, it should still be routinely upgraded in accordance with established practice. The A12 processor is expected to increase performance by 20% and reduce power consumption by 40%.

Apple A12 CPU

The following is the parameter information of iPhone x:

iPhone x specification

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