【Tech News】Vivo Y85: great appearance design with notch display

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The new generation of profiled screens, commonly known as notch display, have seen a greater improvement in their visuals and can provide a better full-screen experience.

Vivo Y85: great appearance design with notch display

Among them vivo is launching a variety of products to achieve multi-line coverage, high-end series have vivo X21(look at the first picture), mid-tech series launched the vivo Y85. The latter is the protagonist to talk about today. it has a similar appearance design with the X21, but has a new generation of full-screen design.

6.26-inch 19:9 full HD profiled full-screen

From the first of view, the vivo Y85 and X21 are exactly the same, just as last year's Y79 and X20. In order to provide a closer look to the different consumer groups of products, in the performance, camera and other aspects of these two machines, there is still a certain gap. The vivo Y85 is also equipped with a 6.26-inch 19:9 full HD profiled full-screen like the X21, while using an ultra-narrow U-slot notch design, and this design is a closer step to the fuselage forehead and chin , making screen share greatly improved, and screen ratio of vivoY85 is as high as 90%, almost the same with X21, also brings a more violent visual impact.

Vivo Y85: great appearance design with notch display

2280x1080 resolution IPS material screen

After the screen is turned on, the vivo Y85 brings you a stunning visual sense. After you look closely, you will have a question. This screen display is really just a mobile phone priced at only 284 USD? Because the vivo Y85 uses a 2280x1080 resolution IPS material screen, with a very fine display quality; At the same time, thanks to the IPS material, the color display is bright and moist, even if the phone is used for a long time, your eyes will not dry and feel uncomfortable.

Vivo Y85: great appearance design with notch display

black gold and champagne gold color

Many friends know that vivo X21 changed the traditional metal body, using a more advanced 3D glass body, while adding the coating + silk-screen printing process, making the whole texture more stylish, vivo Y85 body texture also beautiful like that. Vivo Y85 currently offers two different color matching technologies, namely black gold and champagne gold. The black gold color scheme adopts a brand new wear-resisting polymer high-gloss spraying process, which brings a beautiful mirrored appearance. The fashion and high-end texture reach the unprecedented height of this price segment. With the luxurious black gold color matching, you can fall in love with it at a glance.

Vivo Y85: great appearance design with notch display

Comfortable hand feeling

   Vivo Y85 combines both beauty and feeling. The body adopts 3D arc design, one-piece injection molding and CNC cutting process, which perfectly fits the palm of the hand, making it comfortable even if holding the phone for a long time. In addition, with the 19: 9 slender screen ratio and 2.5D curved glass screen, one-handed operation is comfortable, and the touch of the finger on the sliding is also very smooth. It is worth mentioning that the vivo Y85 also has a very thin design, a thickness of 7.89mm, weighs only 150g, and X21 is 156.2g, compared to the former is lighter, one-handed operation is more convenient, especially for women user.

Vivo Y85: great appearance design with notch display

The current young user groups pay special attention to the three aspects of the appearance, performance, and photographing of mobile phones, of which the appearance is the key to attract their greatest interest. And the vivo is clearly well-attended for the young user community, and it brings a whole new appearance design and body technology to Y85. If you are a skinny person with high demands on the appearance of your mobile phone, then vivo Y85 will definitely satisfy you!


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