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【Tech News】Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone with gamepad

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Big surprise! Xiaomi's Black Shark smartphone is a powerful gaming phone, come with a gamepad.

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Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, with a maximum of 8GB + 128GB memory combination, and also adapted with PX8368WM game chip supplied by Pixelworks, the top display chip manufacturer in the United States, to ensure sufficient performance output. 4000mAh large battery, with 18W fast charge, to ensure the continued life. 5.99-inch FHD 18:9 IPS screen, can provide users with a wider vision of the game.

● Operating System: Android 8.0

● CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

● RAM: 6 or 8GB

● Storage: 64 or 128GB

● Display: 5.99-inch 1920×1080 IPS LCD

● Battery: 4000mAh

Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone

Independent image processing chip

Independent Pixelworks image processing chip, supports intelligent motion compensation technology, image enhancement, dark scene detail processing, make game and video quality smoother, no jitter, no smear.

Multilayer Cooling-Kit

Ordinary players see the configuration, advanced players see heat. Multilayer direct-touch integrated liquid cooling system covers all high-heating modules, efficiently cooling the core components of mobile phones, and the processor can maintain high-frequency and stable output for a long time.

Xiaomi Black Shark multilayer cooling kit

18:9 Full-scale, wide-view, game preemption

5.99 inches large screen supports DCI-P3 with a color gamut of up to 97%. With an ultra-wide field of view of 18:9, playing games is even cooler than the 16:9 screen.

Xiaomi Black Shark handlerbg

Dual 20MP camera

Front camera with Sony IMX376 high-end physical 2 million pixel sensor, the most important feature is to support 4 in 1 pixel function, 2 million pixel through the hardware-level algorithm to synthesize 5 million pixel output, can significantly enhance the image quality and dark details. In order to enhance self-portraits, this function is enabled by default.

12MP + 20MP dual rear camera, the main camera uses Sony IMX486 12 million pixel sensor, with 1.25μm pixel size, 1.75 large aperture, providing bright and clear camera effects. Vice shot Sony Sony IMX376 20MP sensor, the portrait mode and the main camera, are turned on simultaneously to provide the required depth of field data.

Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone image


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