The advanced variant of JISIWEI I3, JISIWEI I5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-24 1394

Recently, Gearbest recommended the JISIWEI I3 smart robotic vacuum cleaner, with unique features at a superb price point.

For those who want to take their cleaning power up to the next level, we have hesitation in recommending the stunning new model: the JISIWEI I5 robotic vacuum cleaner.

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Powerful Features

• 3 versatile cleaning modes: spot cleaning, automatic cleaning, and edge cleaning

• Intelligent anti-collision and anti-drop system to protect your furniture

• Automatic self-recharging: sweeper returns to its charging base

• Low noise design: operational noise is under 65dB, ideal for families

• High 3350mAh capacity battery: ensures long operation time

• App control: you can schedule cleaning time or set mode via a dedicated APP

• Slim design: effortlessly clean under beds, sofas and desks

• Works even on carpet, marble, tile and wood flooring

Advantages over the I3 Vacuum Cleaner

• The design complies with Western aesthetics: minimalist and stable

• Stronger material, more durable body ensure a longer lifetime

• Maximum load/carrying capacity improved to 30KG

• It adds a versatile handle design for enhanced portability

• Added power and WiFi indicator lights, with 3 touch buttons for maximum control


3 Best Reasons to Choose the JISIWEI I5

• Comprehensive features: All the features easily handle even the most demanding housework

• Extremely cost-effective: Superb value compared to famous brand equivalents and their features

• Gearbest lifetime technology support: Excellent warranty, guarantees and support for total peace of mind

Good news!

The superb JISIWEI I5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner has arrived at Gearbest and is available on pre-sale at a special discounted price. Grab your lifetime housework assistant the first time!