Top 10 Black Friday gifts | Killer deals on GearBest (Part 2)

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This is the part 2 of the GearBest top 10 gifts for Black Friday. We continue with 6 to 10.


6. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor for Sports Lovers

As sports lovers and heath-conscious people, we always focus on how many steps we take, distance ran, and calorie count. Wearing the Xiaomi band 2 not only monitors all these activities, but also your sleep quality. It will record every moment to track performance.

◆ Bluetooth 4.0: pair effortlessly with mobile devices

◆ OLED touch screen: OLED screen displays full information at your fingertips, including current time, steps, heart rate, distance, calorie burn, etc;

◆ Incoming calls / APP message alert vibrate: stay on top of your communications;

◆ No passcodes required: an exclusive ID identifies you;

◆ IP67 Waterproof: can stay in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, however don't wear the bracelet when diving


7. Tablet Teclast X98 Plus II 2 in I Tablet PC for Parents

Far away from home and have no time to visit home regularly? Just get Tablet Teclast X98 Plus II for your parents, and teach them how to use it. Video calling on a tablet is a much nicer way to keep in touch and answer those urgent questions about your love life!

◆ Android 5.1 Lollipop OS;

◆ Microsoft Windows 10 64bit OS;

◆ Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit quad core CPU;

◆ Intel HD Graphic Gen8 GPU;

◆ 9.7 inch IPS Retina touch screen at QXGA resolution (2048x1536);

◆ 4GB LPDDR3 RAM for advanced multitasking;

◆ 64GB eMMC ROM storage capacity;

◆ Dual cameras for photos and face-to-face video chat.


8. Mini Handy Heat Instant Sealer for Each Family

An affordable and practical tool for every family. Owning this mini handy heat instant sealer, your food is always guaranteed fresh. You can also save money and reduce food waste by buying in bulk and prolong the life of food.

◆ Reseal food and maintain its freshness;

◆ Mini size, portable and elegant design;

◆ Seals and reseals any plastic bags;

◆ Simple to use - no operator training.


9. Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad for College students

Nothing is better than hogging the TV for a fun game on a new joypad for the holidays. Giving the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad to your adult sibling or child is the same as giving an amazing gift to a child – they will love it all the same!

◆ Great tactile design: premium and durable material with advanced molding process;

◆ Perfect game experience: built-in Bosch G-sensor (accelerometer) with 3-axis gravitational acceleration;

◆ High precision calibration for optimal gaming experience;

◆ Realistic vibration and impact: uses top-grade vibration motors and asymmetric design;

◆ High compatibility: one-key connection, online upgrade, fast multi-point connection;

◆ Ultra low power consumption: intelligent power management system, 1-year standby;

◆ Compatible with all Google standard I/O devices and Bluetooth-enabled devices.


10. Xiaomi Mi Water quality TDS Tester Pen for Heath-conscious people

The stunning Xiaomi TDS pen is an essential home device to test the purity of water at home at any time. Ideal for use before drinking water; know the quality first and determine if purification is required. This versatile TDS pen is now available at a remarkably affordable price.

◆ Can measure water content of organic compounds, heavy metals and salinity;

◆ IPX6 waterproof;

◆ automatic temperature calibration and precision in measurement;

◆ easy to manage and very useful device for systematic monitoring of water quality.

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