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【Versus】 Who is the winner? Xiaomi Black Shark PK Nubia Red Magic gaming phone

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Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone and Nubia Red Magic gaming smartphone can be said to be the benchmark of game phone in early 2018, today we come to see how everyone's performance.
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Appearance: Each has characteristic, all is cool

As game phone, the design must be different from the general mobile phone, like the game laptop, a glance can let people see the difference.


Xiaomi Black Shark vs Nubia Red Magic gaming phone


Xiaomi Black Shark and Nubia Red Magic gaming phone have not let us down, their appearance has a very distinct characteristics. Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone is designed to run the line of traffic flow, and the outline of the back cover looks like the roof of a sports car.


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Nubia Red Magic gaming smartphone design is also very special, the use of parallel dual-section design, the fuselage also has a strong sense of three-dimensional. 


Xiaomi Black Shark vs Nubia Red Magic gaming phone back


In detail design, Xiaomi Black Shark game phone is rich, including the fuselage on the back cover of the triangular pattern and green highlight cut edge of the "X" streamline, it seems more scientific and technical sense.


Nubia Red Magic gaming phone is slightly simpler, the overall design slightly tough, hexagonal camera, fingerprint keys and the axis of the RGB light belt are very eye-catching, looks a bit cool. 


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Although these two phone thickness difference is not small, but the use of parallel dual-section design of the Nubia Red Magic game phone looks a lot thinner. It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the three-dimensional design of the fuselage, these two phones feel very good, especially the horizontal screen to play the game when the grip, very comfortable. 


Xiaomi Black Shark vs Nubia Red Magic gaming phone thickness


In addition, Xiaomi Black Shark and the Nubia Red Magic gaming phone have a very special design, that is, there is a fast access to the game mode of the physical keys. This button and mute button is a bit similar, open it, the game phone can immediately enter the game mode of intrusion prevention. 


Xiaomi Black Shark vs Nubia Red Magic gaming phone button


As for the screen, Xiaomi Black Shark and Nubia Red Magic are all 18:9 screens, but their foreheads and chins are wide, not fully screen. Without a full screen with a higher screen ratio, it may be a matter of a narrow border that is easy to touch when playing a game.


Xiaomi Black Shark vs Nubia Red Magic gaming phone screen


In front of the fuselage design, Xiaomi Black Shark and Nubia Red Magic gaming phone also has a clear difference. Xiaomi Black Shark game phone with the design of the front fingerprint key, touch can return to the home page, the return key and multitasking keys are hidden on both sides. Nubia Red Magic gaming smartphone uses the screen inside the virtual key design, can hide when playing the game. 


Xiaomi Black Shark vs Nubia Red Magic gaming phone key difference


For their own characteristics, Nubia Red Magic game phone most attractive is the magic color RGB light band on the back. This RGB light band will be lit under call, notice, music playback and other operations, especially when playing music the light effect will follow the rhythm of discoloration and flashing, full of dynamic.


Nubia Red Magic gaming phone lgiht band


As for Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone, its back cover logo also has a green RGB lamp, but it can not customize the color, in the power-on, calls and notifications will be lit.


Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone lgiht logo


Of course, playing lamp is not the biggest feature of the Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone, but it is also equipped with a very creative gamepad, support rocker, button and touch screen at the same time operation, especially when playing mobile game, especially handy.


Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone with gamepad

Performance and Games: Snapdragon 845 isn’t winner

Xiaomi Black Shark game phone is significantly better, it carries the Snapdragon 845 which is Qualcomm's most cutting-edge processor, using the 10nm FinFET process technology, as well as based on the arm of the Magic modified eight-core architecture, including 4 of the clock 2.8GHz kryo 385 Large core (A75) and 4 main frequencies are 1.8GHz Kryo 385 Small core (A55), performance compared to the Nubia Red Magic game phone which carrying Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 upgrade 25%; GPU aspect, upgraded to Adreno 630, performance compared to the previous product upgrade of 30%, and energy consumption than Ascension 30%.


About game experience, we used the popular "Glory of King" and "Stimulate the battlefield" to do the test. The test results are shown below:


Glory of King


The first is "Glory of King", in the 15-minute game, Xiaomi Black Shark and Nubia Red Magic gaming phone's average frame reached 60FPS (full frame). From the frame rate change curve, in the game most of the time, the Xiaomi Black Shark and Nubia Red Magic screen frame rate is stable at 60FPS, only in the game when the role of the death of a slightly off frame phenomenon.


Thus, although the performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is stronger, but for the "Glory of the King", Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is sufficient, the gap is not as big as imagined.


But in "Stimulate the battlefield", the advantage of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is reflected. In the 15-minute game, the average frame rate of the Xiaomi Black Shark and Nubia Red Magic game phone is still full (the current Android version "Stimulate the battlefield" supports only 40 FPS).


Stimulate the battlefield


But from the frame rate change curve, Xiaomi Black Shark game screen frame rate more stable, almost the whole is the 40FPS running. To the Nubia Red Magic game phone, the front is also stable in the 40FPS, but with the fuselage fever to the later stage also appeared a small range of fluctuations.


While the Xiaomi Black Shark game phone's Snapdragon 845 performance has been online, continuous high-frequency operation has resulted in greater calorific value. In the temperature of the link, we found that the Nubia Red Magic game phone's calorific value is relatively small, the fuselage maximum temperature not exceeding 40°C, and Xiaomi Black Shark game mobile phone up to 44°C. In this case, there is a detail worth mentioning. That is, in the 15min, we reopened a game, and we again temperature, unexpectedly found that the fuselage temperature decreased a lot.


Temperature test


That means the two phones are doing a really good job of dissipating heat. In addition, from the temperature change curve can be seen, even if we play longer, their machine body temperature is basically stable in a certain number.


As for the endurance, our test results show that the Nubia Red Magic game phone will be better.


Battery endurance test

Which one do you like?

From the test results above, Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone and Nubia Red Magic gaming phone, which one do you prefer?


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