Vkworld Stone V3S - The world BEST Quadruple protection rugged phone

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-02 3851

What is vkworld Stone V3S? If you are a tech addict, you won’t ask this question. The vkworld Stone V3S is the hottest and best quadruple protection rugged phone in the world.

The rugged body can prevent it to be harmed by sand, water, cold environment, and shocks. This quadruple anti feature is the lightest highlight of this phone and the biggest reason why it’s chased by so many people.


Besides that, V3S sports the SPRD 6531D CPU, 32MB RAM+32MB ROM, 2.4-inch display, 0.3MP front camera, and 2200mAh durable detachable battery.

Notice that it doesn’t support WiFi connection and GPS feature, only Bluetooth is available. This is a sport and outdoor device, so it just focuses on the durability and essential functions such as strong signal, no matter you are in the desert, you can contact with the outside; and battery durability, even though you are in the mountain without power source, the phone can be used for a long time; it is specifically designed to survive in extreme environment conditions.

Yes, it’s a basic function device, but it’s much stronger than all the phones. And unexpectedly it supports media functions, such as playing music, and playing videos, to kill the boring time once you are lost somewhere remote.

It received the appraisal of several countries - like India, Czech Republic - and media industries. Even the Russian are crazy about it. The biggest Russian media 4pda has recommended vkworld V3S, the daily page view is over 4,000,000! And another giant Russian media, the IXBT also reported, the daily page views surpassed 400,000.

If you are a camping addict, if you are an adventure explorer, this vkworld V3S is the best recommendation for you. Gearbest offers you the best price ONLY $19.99! Don’t wait, come to have a look and start your new adventure. 


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