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10 tips to manage the message of Vivo mobile phone

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-30 10672

How many accounts are bound to your mobile phone number? You even can’t count yourself, right? These accounts cover all aspects of our lives, including bank accounts, online shopping accounts, payment App accounts, social App accounts and other accounts, all of which are bound to our mobile phone number.

Gradually, our mobile phones are full of short messages from service providers of these accounts. These short messages contain not only useful notification short messages, but also some useless promotional / advertising short messages, which make the list of short messages messy. Even because of the inadvertent privacy leak, some spam / fraud / harassment messages will continue to be sent to our mobile phones, making it very painful to organize short messages. Every time we open the short message list to find information, it is a "torment" process.

 too many short messages

To have a pure text messaging experience, all we need to do is just to slide a screen and move a finger.

The short message list is not complicated. The content is clear. There are no spam messages, and the short message function is convenient and fast to use. I believe this is the short message experience most people want to have. Let's see what we can do to make the short message list more regular and free from spam.

1.Recognition of Business Names (Intelligent Information Recognition)

Basically, short messages sent by enterprises or businesses through the system start with 106 XX (or possibly with prefix of other numbers). SMS lists are identical prefix numbers, which has made it impossible to distinguish the sender of a short message at a glance.

Enter "Settings-Information-Intelligent information Service" to open the "intelligent identification of information" option. We can easily solve the problem of "106XX" being put too many on the screen.

When this option is enabled, App automatically identifies the name of the merchant through the online database, and replaces the sending number in the short message list with the name of the enterprise or the merchant. From then on, when it enters the short message list, it can immediately distinguish the short messages sent by various enterprises and merchants.

2.Business Information Aggregation (Notification Information Aggregation)

Some enterprises with multiple businesses send notification messages to us with different numbers. It's easy to make our short message list confused. For example, the operator's "replenishment SMS notification" and "check traffic details SMS notification" will be sent to us with different numbers. In fact, the information can be sorted out and displayed together.

Enter the "Settings-Information-Intelligent Information Services" and open the "notification information aggregation" option. The information from the same enterprise or merchant in the short message list will be displayed together.

For example, short messages from operators are integrated into the same list and displayed without being mixed with other information. The short messages of enterprises and merchants are merged into their respective lists, and the short message lists are more regular.


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3.Information Tab display

Various advertisement short messages, notification short messages and verification code short messages are mixed in the short message list, which leads to the submergence of short messages sent by relatives and friends, which takes time and affects the mood.

In the new version of system information App, two labels are displayed at the top of the short message list, namely "notification" and "individual". Short messages of notification type and short messages of contacts are separately displayed in these two labels. Henceforth, there is no need to worry that the text messages sent by contacts will be drowned out.

4.Harassment Interception

There will always be unreasonable people in our life, who do not want to receive their phone calls or text messages after they have drawn a line with them?


Enter "Settings-Information-Harassment Interception-Blacklist Number interception” and click "Add" to add their number to the blacklist. They will not be disturbed by their phone or information in the future.

Harassment Interception

Having seen a real estate, bought a financial product, and handled a financial loan, it is difficult to keep your privacy from being disclosed. Often, soon, some real estate sales/intermediaries, insurance financing, suspected fraud calls will come one after another, seriously affecting our daily life. For these extremely disturbing calls, we let the mobile phone automatically intercept the line. Your good life cannot be disturbed by them.

Enter "Settings-Information Harassment Interception- Harassment Phone Interception" to open the phone type you want to intercept. Such calls will be automatically intercepted by mobile phones.

Sometimes the goods purchased on the Internet are not on the right board and sellers do not cooperate with the process. After giving the bad reviews, they are harassed by calls from unknown or empty numbers. In addition to complaining to the corresponding e-commerce platform to solve the problem, we can also start from our mobile phones and open the shield.

Enter the "Settings-Information-Harassment Interception" and open the "Intercept non-contact calls" and "Intercept unknown/empty number calls" options, which can effectively intercept other people's malicious harassment.

5.Verification code security protection

More and more Apps support login account through mobile phone authentication code, so when App opens, it will apply for the right to read SMS/MMS, so that App can automatically read the authentication code received by mobile phone to achieve the effect of one-click login.

But although convenient, it hides danger. App can read the short message on your mobile phone at will after acquiring the right. This includes the short message verification code of bank transaction, which leaves a great hidden danger to property security. For the sake of the safety of our property, we must have multiple precautions.

Enter the "Settings- Information-Intelligent Information Services" and open the "Verification Code Security Protection" option. The third party App can no longer read the verification code SMS. Our property security invisibly adds a protective wall.

The third-party App cannot read the authentication code SMS, will it be inconvenient to log in to the account in the future?


Of course not. After receiving the validation code message, we can click the "copy validation code" button on the short message notification to fill in the validation code quickly. It is also convenient to login the account.


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6. Marking garbage number

In addition to blacklisting the numbers that always send us spam, there is an important thing to do-mark numbers.

Find the corresponding spam message in the short message list, press this message long, and select "more marking number" to mark the number on the category. There are harassment telephone, advertising promotion, real estate intermediary, suspected fraud, insurance and financial management categories to choose. If there is no category you want, you can choose "custom" from their own input category name.

After the phone number is marked, the record of the number is uploaded to the online database. In the future, other users who use vivo mobile phones can see your mark if they receive calls or short messages from the number, so as to help them to take precautions in advance.

7. Quick call

When you receive a text message from someone and find it urgent when you see the content, you should call back immediately. Would you like to open the dial panel and look through the address book?


There's a quicker way. In the short message list, slide the short message of the corresponding contact, then click on the "phone" icon to call the contact quickly, eliminating tedious operation.

8. Identify the location of the unknown number

When you receive a short message from a stranger, you can't remember who it is. Then try clicking on this short message for a long time in the short message list and then clicking "More" to show you where the number belongs at the end of the option menu.

Identify the location of the unknown number

When you know the location of the number, I believe it can help you narrow down the scope of investigation. Maybe this is your friend who has not been contacted for many years oh ~

9.Mark what you have read in batches

We are overwhelmed by all kinds of short messages. There are too many useless short messages. Sometimes we may not be able to check them in time, and the number of unread short messages increases. If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, there will be an impulse to look at the SMS counting mark and remove it.

Mark what you have read in batches

Enter the short message list, click "Edit" in the upper left corner, then click "Select All", and then click the "Read All" button at the bottom of the list to mark all unread short messages as read, and the corresponding notification mark will be removed. Three clicks, that's it.

10. Write information to add attachments

You occasionally encounter special situations and need to write short messages to send some information to each other. But the information may be pictures, videos or music. Are you worried that this information is too simple to send?

Enter the short message list, click on the "Write" icon in the upper right corner, and then click on the "+" icon on the left side of the text box. I believe that when you see the options in the menu, you will feel all the worries are superfluous.

We can add "pictures, photos, contacts, bookmarks, videos, recordings, information topics, music, slides, notes, document management documents" through the ‘+’attachment menu. The kinds of attachments we can add are very rich and can absolutely meet your needs in special or emergency situations.



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