11.25 Mega Saving | Choosing one drone good value for money

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The epic Black Friday is coming! Planing out a shopping list?

Looking for a new drone one this Black Friday but don't know which one to go for?

Don't worry, guys! In this chapter, we will help you to choose a personalized drone for benefit maximization. Huge saving start now!

fly DOBBY Mini Selfie Quadcopter

DOBBY Mini Selfie Quadcopter - 01

● Picking up the right version

You are likely to see that there is a large variety of aircraft models in the market, such as tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter, etc.

Tips: If you are a beginner, we will highly suggest you choose a quadcopter for practice!

● Choosing one within your skill level

Well, you know disaster can happen sometimes. The aircraft you choose will depend on how well you can manage it.

Tips: If you have no RC toys experience, adopting an aircraft which is especially designed for the newcomers is much better!

image captured by drone

DOBBY Mini Selfie Quadcopter - 02

● Pointing one with some special function

Special skills are very effective for attracting girls attention! Different drones has different functions, such as: 360 eversion/headless mode/one key return/fail-safe mode/HD camera/FPV real-time transmission/following shoot, etc.

Tips: Different functions have their own attractive points. Choose the function you like, according to your personal hobbies and needs.

● Determine an acceptable budget

The price range of the drone is variable. It may cost from several dollars to several thousand dollars. On the basis of your own finance condition to work out a suitable budget.

Tips: It is important to balance the quality and affordability when working out the budget!

● Practice makes perfect

No matter which functions you choose, practice makes perfect. It is true in everything! Do your best and you will see the results!

Tips: If you really want to draw that girl's attention, practice a few times before showing off in front of her!

pratice flying your drone

DOBBY Mini Selfie Quadcopter - 03

● Best trick of success

You know most of the girls like to take selfies. You should cater to her likes, think what could make her happy. In this case, we highly recommend DOBBY mini selfie quadcopter as your first choice!

DOBBY is a perfect choice in the world of selfie quadcopters! With the superior 13 megapixel/4K/1080P camera and professional Do. Fun APP, there is no excuse for a bad photo or footage!

Tips: This cute drone will provide an extreme experience and create an opportunity for you and your honey.


Are you eager to fly RC drone with your darling after reading this chapter? Come on! Start playing and capturing wonderful moments with the girl you cared for!

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