3 easy ways to extend your phone's battery life

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Although great breakthroughs have been made for the current smart phones in terms of design, the manufacturers have made no qualitative progress in terms of batteries. With the use of mobile phones for a long time, the problems of batteries have become more and more serious. So what are some good ways to extend the life of your phone's battery?

In the past, I developed the habit of using nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries and nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries. Now, many people are used to using up the lithium battery of their mobile phones and not charging them until they are turned off, especially for those who often stay up late.

But today's lithium-ion phones can't handle such deep discharges, which often lead to faster power consumption and less durable batteries.

When the phone is left with 30% of the battery, it can charge the phone, rather than the lower the remaining battery, the better. Too low in power will make the phone's lithium battery in a deep discharge state, causing irreversible damage to the battery and affecting its service life. Also do not charge each time to 100%, reduce the burden of the battery, so that the battery life can be extended.

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Each phone will come with the original charger and some accessories, but many people use multiple devices with one charger, so there's no guarantee that the phone will match the charger.

In theory, both the charger and the battery are designed specifically for your phone, and charging with a mismatched charger can hurt the battery. Especially now, different mobile phone manufacturers have different quick charging schemes, so it is more necessary to match the battery and charger, so as to get a shorter charging time.

Of course, if the third party charger is regular and not low-end, the impact on the battery will be relatively small, to be on the safe side, we still try to use the original battery it!

Free time during work is fragmented, and many people want a phone that lasts a day so they can charge it like sleep for a night.

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Plugging your phone into a charger and letting it charge all night is not a good idea, as it will give your phone a 100% charge. Although today's smartphones are designed to prevent overcharging and stop charging when fully charged, overnight charging can leave the phone at full capacity, affecting battery life.

In fact, the current smartphone battery can completely adapt to the current fragmentation time, charging anytime and anywhere, as long as it needs to be charged. Compared to the overnight charging mode, this charging mode can also avoid the heating problem caused by uninterrupted charging, making the battery more durable.

Learn these tips and your phone's battery life will improve dramatically. Have you developed a good charging habit?


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