3 easy ways to solve a stuck TV box

ByNiki Jones 2018-12-11 12608

Why does the TV box get stuck after a period of time? It's a lot of friends’ trouble who use TV boxes, what on earth is caused by TV box stuck? Now let's talk about the reasons and the solutions.

The first reason is simple: the TV box's system lacks memory.

Just like the mobile phone, the lack of memory will appear stuck situation. In fact, the memory of the TV box is very small, although the software that can be downloaded in the system is relatively small, when you buy a TV box, and look some TV boxes with large memory, actually the memory is not that large, even for small software, the memory of these systems can carry a small amount. So when your TV box gets stuck suddenly, the first thing to consider is that if there is a lot of software downloaded. It is recommended that you still take the TV box as a TV, in addition to some video software, do not download anything else.

TV box's small memory 

The second is that TV boxes don't have the same advanced processors as computers.

If you are running the software that is too large or too small, which will cause stuck phenomenon. Some people said, "why don't you just clean the backstage? You remember the early android phones? when those phones get stuck, does it work that you clean up the background? It doesn't work. The cleanup software that you download will only reduce the memory of TV box or smart TV, which not only will not solve the stuck problem, also will lead to more stuck.

TV boxes'  not advanced  processors  

What should we do at this time? If it's a TV box, restart the TV box. Only restart can completely clean up the running in the  backstage supporter.

The third is to restore the Factory Settings. 

TV boxes are not optimized like computers or smartphones. When a problem occurs, only remove all the data. In fact, the biggest reason for stuck problem is that people have too high expectations for TV box. Television is a television, and the kind of effect you have in mind is not yet possible.

restore the Factory Settings 

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