3 methods to remove TV box’s built-in system

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Many users have reported that the TV box will be occupied memory by some built-in applications that are not commonly used. However, due to the software is built-in system and cannot be uninstalled, here I will share several methods on how to clean up the built-in system.

TV boxes,

When your TV box becomes more and more stuck, the startup is getting slower, game live and video live also become more and more stuck, that is when you should simply optimize the system.

Method 1: Restore the factory Settings

Some TV boxes, such as the Xiaomi TV boxes, can remove its own system by simply restoring the factory Settings. Just turn off the power of the xiaomi TV box, and then long press the two buttons of [Home page] + [Menu] on the remote control at the same time. The remote control points at the TV box and energize the box to start. Then select to clear all data and restart, and select system one.

Method 2: Install root tools

Root refers to the privilege to own operating system, start or stop a process on the electronic product's own system, delete or add users, add or disable hardware and so on.

Therefore, if you want to remove the built-in system from some TV boxes, or disable some built-in software, you need to get root permission. After root, all third-party software can obtain root permissions at will, but at the same time it will also face security risks.

Method 3: Flash

If neither of the above methods can work, you should try to flash the device. Some people who know little about technology have been somewhat rejected to flash the device, in fact, which is a very common approach to upgrading systems.

Summary: Here, I would like to remind everyone that the risk of removing TV boxes’s built-in system is very high, and it is likely to be unavailable at any time.Not a last resort, do not easily try.


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