37 Degree L18 guide | Solutions to common problems

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The Bluetooth of 37 Degree L18 fails to pair or disconnecting constantly? Heart rate measuring not working? Not charging? LED flickering pink light? Inaccurate register code? Solutions are here!

37 Degree L18 smart watch

Search "37 bracelet" and download from App Store / Google Play Store. Or scan the QR code at the bottom of the box to get the application. Note that the first binding of L18 bracelet and phone app must be operated in connecting the USB cable to charge state. Follow the prompts to search bracelet, when flashing Bracelet Lamper to complete binding.

37 Degree L18 app

● Make sure the smartphone is compatible with both system and Bluetooth version. The 37 Degree L18 smart wristband matches with Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and above system, and Bluetooth 4.0 or above version.

● If both system and Bluetooth meet the requirement but still fails to connect, check if you have opened the Bluetooth function at first. Also check whether there are too many Bluetooth connect records of the phone, delete them and reconnect the band.

● Make sure that the watch battery power is sufficient to turn it on. If not, give a 3-hour full charge till you see a solid green light.

● Keep the wristband close to your phone (in the 5 meters) without barriers. The wall, corner or others impediment will affect the Bluetooth signal.

● Turn off Bluetooth and phone, try again.

● As a last resort, connect with another phone. If it works, the previous phone may be damaged, if not, it should be the problem of L18, contact our aftersales service for further help.


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● Make sure that your 37 Degree L18 watch and your phone are close to each other without barriers. No more than 5 meters away. The wall, corner or others impediment will affect the Bluetooth signal.

● It could be the phone may have poor compatibility, try changing another phone with better compatibility. If it is not working, contact our aftersales service to determine if a product return and repair are required.

You may wear the watch too loose, wear the smart watch on your wrist with the underside sensor touching the skin. Then the sensor can detect your blood flow velocity and heart beats from blood capillary of the skin.

37 Degree L18 heart rate measurement

● Fasten the band above your wrist and keep stay for a few seconds while measuring because it is a static measurement.

● Try to uninstall the 37 bracelet app and re-install.

● If the above steps do not fix the issue, turn off the 37 Degree L18 smartwatch or and try again.

● None of them work, the heart rate monitor probably has developed a fault, please contact our aftersales service for further assistance.

For the first charge, be patient to give a full charge (about 3 hours) by using the original USB and an adapter. And then press the power button to open the smartwatch. If not, follow these steps below:

● Try to plug and unplug the fitness tracker from your computer's USB port several times or swing the band slightly.

● There is some dirt (some cannot be seen with naked eyes) in both USB cable contacts and band sensor pins which can pass the electricity. Using your shirt or cotton swab to clean it up. Just make sure everything is clean.

● The USB cable and sensor contacts may have been oxidized, carefully use a blade or Q-tip with some anhydrous alcohol to clean them before trying again.

● Try another effective USB cable or plug into another power device.

● If none of the above work, that could be the battery problem, please contact our dedicated aftersales service.

The LED indicator is flashing pink light is because you haven't paired the watch with phone yet. Once they are paired, the pink light will disappear. There is only one LED light on the watch, so be aware of the various meanings in different pattern:

37 Degree L18 indicator

a. Flickering green light - charging.

b. Flickering red light - low battery warning.

c. Flashing cyan light - wristband locked.

d. Flickering yellow light - Turn off or flight mode.

e. Solid yellow light - activate wristband or exit flight mode.

f. Flicking blue light - wristband under measurement.

The verification code of the older version app may come the wrong code or even no SMS for code is received. This is the problem of the application itself. However, this issue is optimized and fixed in the upgrade version. Go to update to the latest version application in "Profile - About 37° Bracelet - Check for updates" or just re-download the latest 37° Bracelet app.

update 37 Degree L18 smart watch

Wrap up

We hope that our comprehensive troubleshooting guide has been able to get your 37 Degree L18 bracelet back on its feet. If you have encountered other issues not covered or there are unresolved issues with other products, you are always very welcome to submit a support ticket at our GearBest Support Center. We'll deal with them as soon as possible!