4 common mistakes you must know about charging your smartphones

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Nowadays many friends have smartphones, but if our smartphones are used for a long time, the batteries might meet all kinds of problems. However, these problems may be caused by some common charging mistakes. Want to know how to extend your phone’s battery life? These 4 common mistakes you must know.

Charge the phone with a non-original charger

The first detail is that we usually use the original charger when charging. If we use other brands of chargers, the power is relatively small, the charging will be very slow, the power is relatively large, and the charging will be fast, but it has a great impact on our cell phone batteries, so we usually recommend that we use the original charger when charging the phone.

Charge the phone with a non-original charger 

Use your phone while it charges

The second mistake is that we try not to charge while playing with mobile phones, because when we play with mobile phones, the back of mobile phones will be hot, and when charging, the back of mobile phones will also be hot, so that our cell phone battery temperature is easy to be too high, leading to the risk of battery drum explosion, so we must not play with mobile phones while charging it.

Use your phone while it charges 

Charge your phone with phone case

The third detail is that we should not use the cell phone cover when charging, because the lithium batteries inside our cell phone are very easy to be afraid of heat. When charging, they will get hot. If we take the cell phone shell, the heat dissipation of the cell phone will be affected and the loss of the battery will be increased.

Charge your phone with phone case 

Charge your phone overnight

The fourth small detail is that many friends like to charge their mobile phones all night when they charge them. There is a lot of charge here. We must unplug the plug because we fall asleep at night. This battery is constantly charging. If the voltage is unstable, it will easily lead to the risk of cell phone explosion.

A small tip to improve the charging speed

Finally, share with you a quick charging tips, we usually charge when we had better turn on our flight mode, because after turning on the flight mode, the cell phone inside the signal transmission, text messaging functions, and some software, etc., they will be closed, which will reduce the power consumption of the cell phone, so the cell phone can be quickly charged.

If we learn these details about mobile phone charging, our cell phone battery becomes more durable and mobile phone is not easy to break down.


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