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4 easy steps to solve a phone that won’t turn on

ByNiki Jones 2018-10-10 1896

Do you ever encounter the problem that your mobile phone won’t turn on? Does this situation make you very headache? Here are some easy methods to solve the problem.

  Step1:Gently shaking the phone to hear if there is abnormal noise inside.

the inside of a phone 

Step 2: If there is no abnormal noise,please check if your phone charger and charging cable can work normally. Or you can also charge your phone with another good charger and charging cable.Note: Please try to charge your phone with the original charger and charging cable.


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Step 3: If your mobile phone didn’t suffer sudden destructive accidents(such as the phone was soaked), and the phone’s battery is normal, you can try continuously charging your mobile phone for 30-60 minutes. When it’s charging, please check if there is a charging status icon on the screen, or if the charging indicator lights up normally.

charging a phone

Step 4: After your phones finish charging, try pressing the power button for a long time to see if it solves the problem.

If all the above methods are invalid, you had better consider having your phone fixed in a professional mobile phone repair shop. You can also search for more comprehensive solutions from our previous post: Unbricking tips: when your Android device won't turn on.


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