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4 easy ways to connect with the excellent JISIWEI S+ robot cleaner

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-21 4215

We love the JISIWEI smart robot vacuum cleaner. Stay connected easily to keep your home sweet home with this short guide.

Share your personal files to social media including Facebook, Twitter, QQ, WeChat, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the use of the APP

1. Download the App and set it up

Download the dedicated APP for iOS (7.1 or above) or Android (4.2 or above).
For iOS users - , for Android users - 

 Register with your details (e.g. mobile number / email) and log in
 Alternatively, you can also log in via your WeChat / QQ account

2. Connect to your cleaner

With your phone, scan the unique QR code at the base of the robot cleaner.
 Input its name (e.g. JISIWEI housekeeper).
● There will a prompt after successful binding  

3. Set up the WiFi connection (easy way)

There are two setting modes for you to choose.
 Just input your WiFi network details, e.g. SSID, password and press OK.          

● Your phone will emit a sound indication when the robot is near your phone.

 The robot will recognize the signal, configure the settings automatically and produce a voice prompt and the WiFi signal indicator will light. 

Note: To connect to WiFi easier, we recommend using a new WiFi hotspot for the first time connection. Please enter the correct WiFi password within 2 minutes of the cleaner powering on.

4. Manually Set up the WiFi connection (hard way)

The first step is to connect your phone to the robot. Set up the connection with your phone as follows:

In WLAN Settings: choose the WiFi signal from your cleaner e.g. account: JSW336743 (no password is required)

The second step, open the APP and configure it as follows:

WLAN Settings: Select the WiFi SSID that your robot frequently uses, input the correct WiFi password and save it.

Your phone will automatically connect to the cleaner via your frequently-used WiFi account

5. Other practical functions

Multiple Device Bind
Bind the cleaner to more than one devices; you can switch between each freely

Charging control 
On the battery status area, tap the associated button when the power is insufficient to allow the robot to charge automatically.  - auto clean,  - pause, four arrow keys mean left, right, up and down

Social interaction
 - snapshot,  - video, ​ - voice function, support voice conversation

Photos and videos share 
Share your personal files to social media including Facebook, Twitter, QQ, WeChat, etc.

 Change your profile
You can amend your password, nickname, gender, age, and other details.

Safety protection
Go to Settings and motion detecting alarm. Open “motion detecting protection” and save it - your phone will now sound when the robot detects a suspicious object.

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