4 effective ways to maintain your vapor device

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Want to keep your vapor device in great condition, preserve the original taste, vapor cloud and ensure longer lifespan? You can, just follow the steps below

1. Atomizer setting method

All tanks should abide by this principle - keep the drip tip up when containing e-juice. Remember it is always better not to turn upside down the atomizer to prevent the remaining e-liquid from flowing out.

2. Atomizer maintenance

The core of the atomizer is the coil head which is made of resistance wires, strings or cotton and some other accessories. If the atomizer gives a burnt taste it may depend on the cotton, probably burning without enough e-juice.

● Be aware of the remaining e-juice, do not dry burn the tank.

● Do not only chase high wattage and voltage, adjust the power in the appropriate range.

● If you want to make a big cloud, please keep the e-liquid in 2/3 or more.

● Reduce the voltage as the vapor juice decreases, and 5 - 6V working voltage won’t produce burnt taste.


3. Take good care of the battery / mod:

Mods maintenance is very important, because the electronic cigarette battery is a major component of the e-cigs. Use it properly and make your device work well.

● Fully charge the battery when running out of power. Please do not power out in half-way and do not take the cells out before they are fully charged.

● Turn off the power when not in use it for a long time. To power on-off way press the power button 2 or 5 times continuously.

● Each puff should not be too long in case of overheating.


4. Choosing the good vapor juice

Low-quality e-juice is bad both for the atomizer and users' health. We recommend not to buy inferior e-liquid.


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