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4 top tips to prolong the life of your Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Following its launch last year, one word accurately describes the Xiaomi Mi Band 2's popularity: insane. GearBest sells a lot of smart gear but one smart band rules them all.

And it's not hard to see why: it showcases Xiaomi's minimalist design language, it's packed with powerful functions, and has a great textured design. Now, most owners already know how to use their Mi Band 2, but do you really know the right way to maintain your pride and joy? GearBest has put together the top 6 general maintenance tips to let you enjoy you're amazing Mi Band 2 even longer.

1. Install and wear Mi Band 2 correctly

The first to know is that the main unit and the wristband of Mi Band 2 are separate. So before wearing, you need to install the main unit securely into the wristband. Crucially, remember to keep the screen side facing upward, and push the main unit into the wristband from its back. This design is deliberate – basically to prevent the main part from coming loose while you exercise. Do not try to forcibly insert or remove the unit from the front or your wristband may be damaged.

Install and wear Mi Band 2 correctly

With the display side oriented upward, the heart rate sensor should be close to your wrist. Installing and wearing the Mi Band 2 correctly is the first essential step to maintaining your Mi Band 2.

maintaining your Mi Band 2

2. Protect the screen of Mi Band 2 from water and moisture in its storage

As the most exposed part of the device, the Mi Band 2's screen is vulnerable to scratches? That's why you need to apply a good quality screen protector film to protect it from scrapes, scratches and knocks – especially as you'll be using it in the gym or outdoors.

Protect Mi band screen

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Even though the Mi Band 2 is designed to be durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more, its rated IP67, so it's only resistant to water exposure for short intervals. Remember never to wear the Mi Band 2 while bathing or swimming for long periods to prevent hardware damage. Excessively damp environments can also cause damage.

3. Disassemble and clean the Mi Band 2 regularly

If you've ever found your Mi Band 2 becoming dirty after prolonged use, this is completely normal due to both sweat and stains. It's therefore necessary to disassemble and clean Mi Band 2 on a regular basis.

Step 1. Remove the main unit from the wristband.

Step 2. Smear shower gel or laundry detergent on the areas that need to be cleaned – the groove and the unit edges tend to attract the most dirt. Rub the detergent into these areas and thoroughly rinse with water. The rubberized wristband is easier to clean, just use a wet cloth and wipe clean.

Step 3. Dry your Mi Band 2 with tissues.

Note: To prevent water damage, do not wash the metal head on the underside of the main unit.

4. Charge the Mi Band 2 on time and use it in appropriate temperatures

When your Mi Band 2 is in low power mode, the Mi Fit APP on your phone will remind you to charge the smart device; the Mi Band 2 will also vibrate as a secondary reminder. Running the battery flat can cause damage to both it and the main unit, so never allow this to happen.

Charge the Mi Band 2 on time

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Although the Xiaomi official site states that the Mi Band 2 has passed rigorous heat testing up to 70°C and cold test down to -20°C, the optimum operational temperature range of Mi Band 2 is from -10°C to 50°C, so try to use your Mi Band 2 within these two extremes.

If your Mi Band 2 encounters any other problems that you cannot resolve, try to contact Xiaomi aftersales service for further assistance. Do remember to take care of your device – in the same way that your own Mi Band 2 takes care of you.


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