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4 unmissable tips on wearing swimming Goggles correctly

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Good swimming goggles are considered must-have for swimmers. Learn how to wear them the right way for maximum effect.

Used correctly, goggles help protect your eyes and allow you to see crisply and clearly while swimming underwater. This is beneficial to both recreational and competitive swimmers.


wear goggles while swimming


However, using goggles can increase your enjoyment only if they fit correctly and are worn in a right way.


Failing to do so will lead to water leakage against your eyes, pressure against your eyes (potentially irritating them), and even cause distorted vision underwater.

Step 1: Choose one pair that is comfortable to wear

Goggles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some goggles have narrow nose pieces, which are especially useful for younger swimmers to helps keep the eyepieces in place.


choose goggles that comfortable to wear

They also feature various eyepiece sizes to ensure a proper fit for each face type. Select goggles that feel comfortable against your face and also don't place pressure against your eyeballs.

Step 2: Try whether the goggles have suction

First, hold the goggles lenses against your eye sockets to test whether there is suction.

Try whether the goggles have suction


Only when the width and frame match your face type, can the lenses provide suction with no water leakage.

If there is no suction, the goggles do not fit you.


However if the nose bridge is adjustable, you can adjust it until there is suction against your eyes.

Step 3: Wear goggles from front to back

Press the lens hard against your face while you pull the goggle strap up and over your head in a 45 degree angle, adjusting the fit so that no gaps exist between the seal around the goggles and your own eyes.


Wear goggles from front to back


Rest the strap above your ears until they are comfortable against the back of your head.

Step 4: Remove the goggles

When taking off goggles, put your thumbs into the strap on the back of your head, and release the strap from back to the front.


In other words, your goggles should always create a watertight seal.


They should fit snugly enough to create a suction seal but not so snugly that they cause pain or compression on your eyes. To get the proper suction, choosing goggles that match the shape of your eye sockets is always essential.

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