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5 easy ways to boost your Android phone's signal

ByLivio Defranza 2018-05-23 20779

"My Android phone has a poor signal! Then followed by poor call quality, slow downloads and uploads, failed sending messages and e-mails, and waiting, waiting...". In fact, you have 5 easy ways to change such terrible cases before losing patience.


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1. If your phone has a poor Wi-Fi signal, just check the router first.

Sometimes, even the trivial things, such as furniture, concrete walls and too low location of router may cause the weak Wi-Fi signal. So you can try changing your router location first.

Wi-Fi router

Don't get me wrong, your neighbor's router might affect your internet connection as well.

Some devices and routers use the same internet frequency - 2,4 Ghz, which basically means that if there're more devices using the same frequency in a residential building, mutual interferences might happen. If more people in your apartment are using your router connection, especially for websites and programs which require a strong connection (online video games, live streaming channels, torrent downloading) that could be a reason for slow connection too.

Last but not the least important, change your WiFi password. Though you didn't give your password to your neighbor, it's not so safe as it seems. Nowadays there're many ways to get access codes for internet connection.

Finally, buying a new router could be a solution too, in that case we suggest you to have a look on our currently available routers .


Original English Version Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3

Original English Version Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 - WHITE


2. Use signal boosters and amplifiers

Signal boosters are quite helpful when you have to share your connection with other people (for example, student dorms) or your router is too far so you need an amplifier to "spread" the connection all around the house.

There're signal boosters for 3G/4G connections too, in some cases they can improve your internet signal by tenfold.

signal booster

Some of these boosters and amplifiers are quite simple to use, on our website you can find amplifiers which can be easily attached via USB port.


Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi 300M Amplifier 2 English Version

Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi 300M Amplifier 2 English Version - WHITE
$10.3 $9.99    


WiFi amplifier

3. Recharge your mobile phone

Like Bluetooth function on your smartphone, the network connection also requires power.

If you're intensively using your mobile phone, don't be surprised if its' network connection is getting worse. That's why so many mobile phones nowadays have a battery-saving mode. In order to avoid battery draining, we suggest you take the next steps:

- Close unnecessary & unused apps working in the background.

- Keep your phone away from hot sun and high temperatures.

- Adjust your screen brightness.

- Update your phone's firmware. 

charge your phone

4. Avoid crowded places

There is no doubt that you suffer from poor phone's signal when you're on a stadium or music concert with other 50000 people. Because they are trying to do the same thing as you're doing now: post a photo/status on Facebook/Twitter to show they are on the match/concert. If so, try to move away to a less crowded place or find a place close to the cell phone tower.

crowded places will block phones signal

Let me just check on my mobile phone when next train will come. Oh wait.

5. Change your network operator

To a large extent, your mobile signal depends on the network coverage degree and coverage efficiency in your area. And you can try changing your network carrier to get rid of such cases.

For example, if you're using network company A, but actually in your area another network company has more radars and network towers, perhaps you should consider changing your network operator.

Bottom line

Have these solutions helped you? If you want to know more knowledge about signal, you can also refer to the following posts:

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