5 RC aircraft versions | RTF, ARF, BNF, PNP, KIT

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It is divided into several versions of the RC aircraft, according to the what amount of assembly is required and what accessories are included with the model.

 RC aircraft

RTF: Ready-to-Fly

RTF stands for Ready-to-Fly and it means everything you need for this model you buy are completely assembled and well tuned for use - straight from the box! Go start fly when you set it down.


JJRC H20 Mini Hexacopter - RTF



ARF: Almost-Ready-to-Fly

ARF stands for Almost-Ready-to-Fly, which is often called "half aircraft", this means the model needs some additional items before you can start flying. The common additional accessories include servo, motor, electronics, batteries and even glue.




KingKong 95GT 95mm Micro RC Racing Drone ARF

BNF: Bind-N-Fly

BNF stands for Bind-N-Fly. It comes with everything you need except for a transmitter. With BNF products you can choose your favorite and compatible transmitter and bind it to the receiver included with the model and then you can control the model.



PNP: Plug-N-Play

PNP stands for Plug-N-Play. Plug-N-Play models come with motor, servos and ESC etc., but a transmitter, receiver battery and charger. After you buy them and assemble it, it can fly to the sky. This is for the fixed-wing aircraft.


HGLRC XJB - 145 145mm Micro FPV Racing Drone - PNP




To fixed-wing aircraft, KIT means that it does not come with the electric accessories except the shell. You need to get the parts like motor, transmitter, battery, charger and so on. While to the racing drone, it stands that all parts are completed or uncompleted need to be assembled.


400mm Wingspan Wooden Building Kit Model



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