5 sectets of e-juice you need to know

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To become a real pro vaper, you need know the ingredients of the e-juice. Here will introduce the five basic ingredients of the e-juice to you.

E Liquid / E Cigarette Accessory

We take for granted that you know that vaping is not smoking, and go straight to the point: the E-liquid. This substance is an extremely simple combination of this elements: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavouring, nicotine, and water.

pure vegetable glycerine

1. VG is the thick liquid responsible of the vapor.

It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. The base makes up 80-90 percent of e-juice and is composed of 100 percent VG, sometimes mixed with PG, with a ratio of 50/50, 60/40, and 80/20 (PG/VG).

VG features sweet-tasting and non-toxic

2. PG is the flavor carrier in the liquid and provides the throat hit replicating the smoking typical feeling.

It is the main ingredient in albuterol, or asthma inhalers, and is perfectly safe to inhale when vaporized.

However, notice that PG could dry out your throat and even cause mild allergic reactions in some users.

PG is the flavor carrier

3. PG is thinner than VG and carries flavor very well.

Flavoring is the same flavour used in food, candy, and other products. It typically comes in a PG base. The liquid does not require essence to vape, but it supplies different tastes for your tongue.

PG feature

4. The nicotine is used in liquid to offset smokers nicotine consumption from cigarettes to vaping.

Nicotine is not required in liquid to vape. It is available in many different strengths in the e-juice. It depends on how much you smoke and what kind of device you are using.

It comes packed in different nicotine strengths categorized in milligrams: light (1-12mg), medium (13-24mg), and strong (over 24mg). Stronger nicotine will result in a stronger throat sensation commonly known in the vaping world as a "throat hit" or "kick". There are even 0 milligrams which contain no nicotine for those who just want to vape minus the nicotine hit.

5. Distilled water is sometimes used to dilute if needed.

Last but not least, the vape juice does not contain the 4000 and more chemicals in a cigarette. Enjoy your vaping!

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