6 essential tent maintenance tips for outdoor lovers

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We get it: you love the outdoors-from hiking, kayaking, to camping. If you have a fancy new tent, proper care and maintenance are essential to getting the most out of this indispensable camping item.

Contrary to what you might think, the biggest impact on your tent's lifespan might not be the tent quality but using it incorrectly. Today, Gearbest looks at the most common mistakes that tent owners make and how to address them.

Take care of your camping tent and your tent will take care of you too.

camping tent

Clean it only when necessary

Your tent is purpose designed and tested for outdoor use - in difficult environments that include wind, rain, and sunshine. In short, you don't need to clean it frequently.

The only exception is a long camping trip, especially one where the tent has been exposed to sand, fine dust, or tree sap - in that situation, definitely clean it. If the usage pattern involves many short trips instead, carefully cleaning it once per season is sufficient.

Tip 1: never use a washing machine

Avoid using either a pulsator or a wringer washing machine. It will stretch or tear the tent fabric, completely ruining the coating and caulking.

● Follow the manufacturer's recommendations/user manual.

● Do not pack the tent when it is still wet.

Tip 2: do not use detergents

In general, tents do not need to be cleaned using detergent. If the tent has accumulated a lot of dirt, simply use a mild detergent; do not using a strong alkaline or strong acidic detergent - these are harmful to fabrics as well as people.

do not use detergents to clean camping tent

● Use a non-abrasive sponge (or cloth) with a mild detergent.

● Gently scrub the affected area by hand.

● Do not use cleaning solvents/chemicals, e.g. 84 disinfectant solution, or petrol.

Tip 3: regularly remove sediment from the tent pole

The standard glass fiber tent pole is composed of a vacuum round rod, connected with the internal elastic rope. Silt can easily enter the rod and damage the pole.

● Beach sand can quickly fill the tent, making it difficult to install and disassemble.

● Wash any sediment with water and only pack when it's dry.

Tip 4: do not fold haphazardly

As the saying goes, the tent is easy to install but difficult to pack, especially in a very compact bag. We will use a triangle tent for our example.

do not fold tent haphazardly

● Ensure the tent interior is free of dust, sand, stone, and debris.

● Pushing the poles out of the sleeves, stretch from 4 corners and merge into 2 corners of the external layer - fanning it on the ground.

● Fold the external layer along the center line twice, making the width twice that of the tent bag.

● Fold again to match the size of the bag, pressing and rolling it from one side as tightly as possible to expel all the air.

● Tie the tent up and pop it back into the bag.

Tip 5: do not store in a dark, humid environment

Even the best waterproof tent should not be stored in a dark and humid location as this will encourage the growth of bacteria, damaging the tent and impacting your health.

do not store tent in a dark, humid environment

● Never store your tent when it's wet.

● Always store tents in a cool, dry place (while avoiding direct sunlight).

● Never rest your tent bag on its end to avoid damaging the poles.

Tip 6: keep tents away from fire

Tent fabric is not fire-proof, so it can become a fire hazard. We want camping to be a happy and safe outdoor activity, so if you need to cook in the tent, remember to:

● Use fire-resistant sheets to isolate the fire and tent.

● Install an air exhaust fan to ventilate and remove fumes.

● One person (with firefighting training) should always be present in the tent.

Wrap up

Health and safety are always crucial. Camping is always a fun outdoor adventure, but it should also be safe. Follow the guide and you'll get even more enjoyment - happy camping, folks!


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