7 funniest April Fools' Day pranks to freak out your friends

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Watch out dude! A lot of April Fools' Day pranks are coming! Don't want to be fooled? Then you better step to it and learn some of the funniest and awesomest pranks right here! Freak out your friends and laugh the day away!

March is almost out the door and April is right behind the corner. You never know what awaits you on the first day of the month –especially if it's April 1st! The most unpredictable day of the year comes with the danger of countless pranks and tricks rushing your way. Prank or be pranked – take your pick! Just like the PG version of The Purge, it's the only day a year when you can ruthlessly annoy your friends with the cruelest and scariest jokes and get away with it – are you ready? Let's hope they aren't!

Sure, you can sit back and watch others do the dirty work – but come on! Can't you feel the mischief calling? Join it and let this be a day to remember! You may say you are way too busy for the ordeal, after all, a great droll prank requires a lot of work: time, inspiration, thoughts, props... Worry not! We've rounded up all the ideas you need: from crazy and weird to downright disgusting.

Just read on and make this April Fools' Day the funniest one yet!

April Fools' Day pranks and tricks

No.1 Scare the pee out of them

Search for a scary pop up prank online game and send it to your friend with a glowing recommendation. When they are focusing on the game, suddenly a big scary ghost face pops up on the screen. Watch you friend jolt in the chair, jump away from the PC or worse…

Make sure you get this all on candid camera. Check out a wide choice of scary online games right here: crazy scare online games website or turn to Google Search for even more options!

No.2 Oops, I broke your phone

Plan A. Install a broken screen prank app on your phone. Open that app and find an excuse to ask your friend to hold the phone for you. As he or she touches the screen, there will be a cracking sound and the screen will "break into pieces" to your friend's outmost bewilderment. Now it's time for you to exercise your acting skills: pretend to be shocked and break down in tears over "the best phone you've ever had" and recall all the "special moments" you've had with it. Look at your friend's face and hold back that laughter for a while longer. Plan B. Get a hold of your friend's phone and install the app. Then, act out the broken screen scenario in front of them and make sure to catch a glimpse of their face as you do.

broken screen prank app
Source: Google Play

No.3 Wake them up before you go go

The day before April Fools' Day, many of your friends may prepare themselves and watch your every move. So, you have to get to them before their vigilance kicks in – like early in the morning as they are just starting to fight off that beauty sleep. Put on some scary make up or a horrid mask and lie down next to them. Tap them gently on the shoulder and smile–this should wake them up alright.

Source: GIPHY

No.4 Sneaky firecracker explosion prank

Early in the morning when your friend is still sleeping or, perhaps, in the afternoon when he or she is taking a mid-day nap, use a small speaker to play a firecracking sound – make sure to turn the volume up to the max. Want to spice it up a bit? Roll out some bubble wrap near the bed and watch your friend fly out of bed and land on the bubble wrap for even more sound effects!

Sneaky firecracker explosion prank
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No.5 Watch them go crazy in public

Prepare a few life-like bugs or snake props and hide them in your bag or pocket when you go to the office or school. Find an excuse to ask your colleague or classmate to pick something for you from your bag or pocket. When they reach in and grab a handful of bugs – better have your hidden camera ready to record as they reach in and grab a handful of bugs..

Or, put a remote control hairy spider on your colleague's/classmate's shoulder or on the floor near them. Shout: "Watch out! There's a huge spider on your shoulder/behind you!" – stand back and watch them run like the wind.

Watch them go crazy in public

Source: GIPHY

No.6 Get'em screaming in the shower

On the night of Fools' Day, wait for your victim to get all lathered up as they take a nice hot shower. This is your cue. Put on a horrid monster mask and peek through the shower curtain. Wait for them to turn around and catch a glimpse of your face – you're in for a real performance!

horrid monster mask

No.7 Bug your girlfriend (literally)

"God, this day is finally over", she thinks and walks to her comfy bed. Don't let her off the hook that easy, there is still time! Sneak in a generous handful of fake roaches under her quilt. Make sure to stick around for the reaction - watch her get into the bed, uncover the quilt and shriek like crazy - it's going to be worth it. But dude: you are probably sleeping on the couch tonight…

fake roaches

Enjoy your April Fools' Day and check out more pranks apps or terrifying props!