7 smooth tips for using Wismec Reuleaux RX200 box mod

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Wismec's stunning Reuleaux RX200 is a stellar box mod. Here are 7 tips for getting the very best vaping experience possible.
7 smooth tips for using Wismec Reuleaux RX200 box mod

WISMEC Reuleaux RX200 TC 200W Box Mod


1. Why does the Wismec RX200 always go back to the VW mode from TC mode?

Please make sure your resistance is lower than 1.0ohm, or the device will detect itself and will revert to VW mode.

You can also try to take out the atomizer and switch to TC mode in room temperature.

2. Why the device readout always show "imbalanced"?

For the imbalanced message to appear, it means the voltage among your 3 batteries are not balanced correctly: the difference is higher than 0.3V.

Please carefully check your batteries again. We suggest you change to another 3 high quality batteries with the same specifications.

3. What if the device cannot turn on after charging?

Take out the batteries first. Open the relevant software on your computer, connect the device to your computer via USB.


4. What if the RX200 always shows "Check Battery", "Low Battery" or "Weak Battery"?

We strongly suggest you change to another set of batteries first. We always recommended using only high-quality batteries for safety, reliability and performance.

You can also try taking out the batteries and tightening up the screw. Please refer to the following picture:

5. How can I upgrade my firmware to the newest version?

Simply download the latest software (according to your OS) from the website: click here

Unzip the file, then connect your device to your computer via a USB cable. Run the software to update your device firmware.


6. Why will the wattage go down automatically after upgrading to firmware V3.10?

Here is the operating formula for your reference: P=U2/R (where P means power; U is voltage; and R represents resistance).

The maximum output voltage of the RX200 is 9V. According to the formula, if the resistance of the coil you used is a little larger, the output power will not reach 250W.

7. What if the device cannot turn on after upgrading?

Firstly, please take out the battery cells. Press the up button and connect your device to your computer via USB cable

Secondly, if unsuccessful, you can also try changing to other USB cables or computers.

Source: official Wismec website


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