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7 tips to save battery life on Android smartwatch

ByMatthieu Andre 2018-09-21 17361

Have you ever considered why your smartwatch battery runs out so fast? In fact, there are many ways to solve this problem. Check the following tips to find the secrets of saving your Android smartwatch’s battery life.


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1. Block unnecessary notification

Managing or blocking APP notification will surely help about storage issue and boost your battery life. Although some are essential for the daily life, APP may overload your smartwatch and may take some space. Moreover, if you don't block or filter out APP, it can be a real nuisance. Each notification received on your smartwatch may consume power and light up the screen any time.

blocking unnecessary notification 


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2. Adjust the brightness level

Depending on the environment you are, brightness level can be easily adjusted. A low brightness can save battery power and even protect your eyes from screen. It will bring a noticeable change in the battery life and ensure an optimal performance. Find a perfect balance and adjust brightness level if you head outside, so that you can use it longer and avoid battery drain.

adjusting the brightness level 

3. Turn off Wi-Fi syncing

If you own a smartwatch equiped with WiFi, NFC or location services, you can limit the connectivity to extend the battery life. Nevertheless, by disabling it, notifications will be received on the smartwatch though it is not connected over Bluetooth. If you are not using the connectivity, your battery won't be overheated and discharged. To disable the connectivity, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Open the smartwatch menu and slide over to settings

opening the smartwatch menu and slide over to settings 

Step 2. After you click on Wi-Fi, turn it off

turning it off after you click on Wi-Fi 

4. Disable wrist gestures

If you don't want any gestures when you lift your arm, disabling wrist gestures is the best alternative. Indeed, built by Google as a feature, it automatically light up the screen when you lift your arm and turn the screen towards you. If you disable this feature, it will increase your battery life. To disable this option, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Open the smartwatch menu and slide over to settings

Step 2. Click on gestures and turn it off

clicking on Gestures and turn it off 

5. Use the theater mode

If you have an urgent meeting or private dinner for example, the theater mode will fit your device. The smartwatch goes into a semi hibernation mode that turns the screen off and it can be only switched on again by using the power button. Using this feature will help the smartwatch to increase its lifespan. Moreover, it will cut down the power consumption and avoid battery drain. To activate the theater mode, please follow steps:

Step 1. Pull the panel from the top down

Step 2. Click on the watch icon

clicking on the watch icon 

6. Use the snooze

If you want to extend a battery longer, using the snooze is a good way. The smarwatch will automatically buzz for each notification received. Indeed, you can turn notifications off by pulling down the main screen. The screen won't light up and the small vibration motor isn't running, so that you will save battery power and won't get any nuisance.

using the snooze  

7. Monitor your battery

Last solution, monitoring a battery can save you battery power. The Android smartwatch has a built-in tool that tells you what applications are draining the battery the most. It will allow you to see how long the smartwatch has been away from the charger, and give you an estimate of how much time until the battery runs out.

Wrap up

To conclude, improving and extending a battery life on Android smartwatch requires attention and special care. By using tips, you can maximize your smartwatch's battery life and protect the battery from damages. Depending on the environment or situation you are, a perfect balance is the key for optimizing a battery. In this way, you can use your device longer and won't get any nuisance.


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