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8 common solvable problems: XiaoMi Yi sports action camera

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-16 26290

We present some problems and the same time the solutions in a quick quick way for XiaoMi Yi sports action camera.

XiaoMi Yi sports action camera

1) The light is on, but the camera can not turn on

A: Press power button and WiFi key at the same time for 3-5 seconds, you will hear a sound and try to reset the camera.

B: Try to upgrade the firmware from the official website. Please click here.

2) The light is off and not working

A: Change to another charging cable, charge more than 10 minutes and then try to boot it up.

B: If still not working, it may be a problem related to the the battery, please contact after-sales service.

3) WiFi can not connect

A: Check the WiFi or the connection line.

B: Check whether you download the APP, if not, download it.

Cannot connect XiaoMi Yi sports action camera to wifi

4) Can not turn on WiFi / blue screen

A: Restore to factory default settings.

B: Try to upgrade the firmware, use the link above.

5) The computer is crashed or screen gets stuck

A: Replace your data cable.

B: Change to another computer or download other Image Viewers.

C: If both above ways can not solve the problem, please contact after-sales service.

Xiaomi Yi sports/action camera

6) Bad pixel, fuzzy pictures / the picture has horizontal line or spot

A: Restore the factory default settings.

B: Try to upgrade the firmware in the same link with above one.

7) Can not read the card

A: The card may not be compatible. We recommend to use more than 32GB capacity class10 card.

B: Try a new card and then restart it.

C: Try to press the start button + WiFi button to reset the camera.

D: Try to upgrade the firmware, use the above link.

E: If still not working, the SD card slot may be broken, please contact after-sales service.

8) There is some noise when recording

This may be related to the WiFi. Please do not connect WiFi when recording.

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