9 easy ways to master your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

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We know you love your new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro but this handy guide will get more out of it. We look at the most common issues and their fixes.

Screen issues

It's because of some faults in the ribbon cable. You may need to replace the screen display or ask for after-sales service.

●​ Recharge about 10 minutes after its power has run out.

●​ Flash your phone if charging doesn't work.

●​ Charge about 10 minutes as the battery has run out.

●​ There might be a problem with the battery or your phone if it doesn't work, so ask for our after-sales service.

Additional queries

It's a software or hardware related problem that happens in certain situations, e.g. charging. Ask for after-sales service if rebooting (or restoring to factory settings) doesn't work.

If you can enter the system:

●​ Remove recently added apps.

●​ Restore your phone to factory settings if it's unrelated with apps.

●​ If you can not enter the system: Use VOLUME UP key to scroll to FACTORY RESET and tap the POWER button to select.

●​ Flash the latest ROM after above operations. Contact after-sales service if these don't work.

Methods for unexpected quit:

●​ Restart your Pro as it may be caused by a system problem (read error).

●​ Restore factory settings to check whether it's because of software conflicts.

●​ Flash or ask for after-sales service.

●​ If it’s not running smoothly, your phone is running too many apps in the background. Close or uninstall apps that hardly used and then clear cache.

Gyroscope problem maybe because wrong operation, please follow the steps below:

●​ Pull down general menu and select "GPS".

●​ Enter "E-compass" after clicking "tools" on desktop.

●​ Hold the phone in your hand and circle like number "8" to eliminate the interference and calibrate direction.

●​ If it's the gravity problem, calibrate the gravity and check if you have opened the "Screen Orientation".

Warm tip: some apps and webpages do not support this function.

●​ If headsets are detected but no sound, make sure the volume of the audio player and your phone is up.

●​ If headsets are not being detected, use swab with absolute alcohol to clean out the jack as it could be oxidized.

●​ Reset to factory settings after backing up the files.

●​ Cannot save online video: make sure there is enough space on SD card. Try to download it again.

●​ Cannot save video from camera: Menu - Set - General - Manage Apps - All - Camera - Clear data and cache.

●​ Persistent SD card problem: try to re-format the card.

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Wrap Up

We hope this practical guide helps you get even more from your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. If you require further technical assistance about a specific issue not covered in this guide, feel free to contact our dedicated Support Center. Our professional support staff will deal with your query as promptly as possible. Thanks for reading!