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For most gamers, win10 is a good game platform. Not only is compatibility good, Xbox's native support also makes players more addicted. In fact, many people do not know, in win10 there are also some small settings for the game.

1. Open the "game mode”

Win10's game mode has two functions, one is to prevent windows updates during the game, the other is to allocate more CPU and GPU resources, and to suspend irrelevant processes. In popular terms, it is to bring PC games a simulation platform. It is more suitable for the game to be run in the environment, rather than simply improve the frame rate.

Note: game mode is turned on by default in win10, but some systems may be turned off, and it is recommended to check it yourself.

2. Disable nagle algorithm

Nagle algorithm, which many people haven't heard of, is an algorithm on improving bandwidth utilization in Windows, but in many cases Nagle can cause some online games to delay too much, which is the culprit of online game Carton.

Win10 does not provide Nagle's switch option. To close this algorithm, you need to modify the registry:

Open the Registry Editor (enter "regedit" in the Cortana search box), find and expand the following path "Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip Parameters Interfaces", which normally contains several subfolders.

Click on these folders in turn to find the folder containing "DhcpIP Address", right-click and establish two DWORD (32) values, named "TcpAckFrequency" and "TCPNoDelay", with the key value set to "1". Restart the computer, Nagle disabled complete!

3. Turn off irrelevant servic

Click on the cortana search box and enter "services.msc" into the Service Editor panel. Find several entries in "connected user experiences and telemetry", "diagnostic execution service", "diagnostic policy service", "diagnostic service host", "diagnostic system host" and set the startup type to "disable". After completing this step, restart the computer,. it can significantly reduce the system in the game Catton situation.

4. Disable full screen optimization

Win7 and early win10 game resources are exclusive (such as switching the screen black screen). The advantage is that GPU only renders the game, and it will not be dragged down by the desktop UI. However, in some operations (the most common is the volume and brightness slider), exclusive mode can cause the game to jump out and force back to the desktop, thus affecting the game experience. So for some old games, we can try to improve game performance by right-clicking on the shortcut, "Properties", "compatibility", and "disable full-screen optimization".

It should be noted that this setup has something to do with the computer hardware and the game itself. Some checks are smoother, others can be canceled more smoothly, and the partners can be decided according to the actual results of their computers.

5. GeForce Experience

If your computer is an n-card, you can also try geforce experience under the nvdia corporation menu. This is a gadget specifically designed for gamers to help n-card users optimize game settings. Geforce experience is included in all n-card drivers and can be seen in standard installations. After starting geforce experience, the program automatically scans and optimizes, and even automatically optimizes new installed games.

6. Windows Defender

Windows defender is relatively easy to ignore, many times games appear abnormal Catton, and even slow keyboard response, and it is related to it. Windows defender is win10's own anti-virus software, in addition to large resource consumption. You will also automatically scan the background without your knowledge. The main reason many games are stuck is because of it. However, windows defender does not support direct shutdown, there is only one way to turn it off, that is to install a relatively low resource-intensive third-party soft, the system will automatically stop the operation of the windows defender.

7. Turn off Xbox background recording

One of the functions of xbox is to record automatically in the background. This, of course, is also a big consumer of system resources. The new version of win10 cancels this option by default. The specific path is in: "set" game "screen capture", manually close the inside "when I play the game while recording in the background" check box can be.

8. Adjust video card control panel

One of the Xbox's features is automatic background recording, which is a huge drain on system resources. The new version of Windows 10 is the default to cancel this option, but we still recommend that you have a look. The specific path is: "Settings" "game" "screen capture", manually close the "when I play the game in the background recording".

9. Adjust video card control panel

It is also A good idea to adjust the 3D setting of the graphics card. Right click the blank part of the desktop, select "Nvidia control panel" (N card as an example), then go to "3D Settings adjust image Settings through preview" TAB, select "use my preference selection, focus on". Next, adjust the slider to "balance" or "performance" according to the actual situation, and enter the game test repeatedly.

This feature can significantly improve the performance of the game, especially when the hardware is relatively low compared to the game. In addition, the "maximum number of pre-rendered frames" in "3D Settings management 3D Settings global Settings" has a similar effect, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Write at the end

These are a few of the game Settings tips about Win10, although it can not solve the problem of hardware configuration, after appropriate adjustments, it can maximize the potential of existing hardware.


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