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A complete FAQ list of the vacuum cleaner

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Any problem with your vacuum cleaner? Don't worry, a complete list of FAQs is here waiting for you.

solve vacuum cleaner common issues

Q: Why the vacuum cleaner cannot charge?

1. Check whether the sweeper switch is turned on.

2. Check whether the battery has been installed properly and if the battery cables are loose.

3. Check whether the charging contact pieces present dust or dirt.

Q: Why the sweeper stopped working after a few minutes even though it was fully charged?

1. If the sweeper cannot charge properly, check whether the sweeper switch is turned on.

2. Please remember that the new sweeper battery needs to be activated before usage.

Q: Will the vacuum cleaner return to the charging dock automatically?

The cleaner will reserve a certain amount of power to return the charging dock.

Q: Why the cleaner cannot return to charging dock automatically?

1. Ensure there are no barriers and reflective things around the charging dock.

2. Check whether there are TV, refrigerator, routers or other items around the charging dock causing signal interference.

3. Check whether the electrode sheet of the charging dock has dust stains.

Q: Why is the suction so weak?

1. Battery power is insufficient, it needs to be charged.

2. Check whether the suction outlet is stuck by any items.

3. The dust bin needs to be cleaned regularly.

Q: Why does the sweeper make a "Di Di Di" sound during charging?

Because the sweeper switch is not turned on, if the switch is off, it cannot be charged and will make a "Di Di Di" sound.

Q: Why the sweeper keeps rotating?

1. Check whether "focus mode" has started, if so, take out the battery from the remote control and reboot the sweeper.

2. Check whether the bumper is stuck by any item.

3. The side brush and side wheel may be get entangled by hair or wires.

Q: Why does the sweeper leak while cleaning?

1. If the sweeper is new, it needs to be charged because of weak suction.

2. The dust cup needs to be cleaned regularly.

Q: Why is the sweeper not working at the reserved time?

1. The sweeper switch is not turned on.

2. If the "reserve" light is not on, please reset.

Q: Is the working voltage suitable for my country?

The working voltage is usually 100-240 VAC and it should work in most countries.

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