Aircraft aerial video clip tips

BySteve Lowry 2018-11-10 1791

More and more aircraft, exporting more and more beautiful aerial video appear, today introduce two aerial video editing techniques.

Soft type

To make a soft video, slow light music is generally chosen as the background music, with static or slow moving objects as the main editing object. Two different scenes of video material, I recommend blur, gradation or blackening transitions. There are two ways in which video material can be combined:


soft type


● The video material of the same object is put into a group. When selecting video material, the material from different angles and different heights should be put together, it can display the details and background of each angle of the object. Similar angles of view and same method of pulling the mirror material should not appear in a short time.


● Put the same video material in the picture into a group (such as traffic, snow, etc.). When choosing video material, the difference between material and material should be as great as possible to attract audience interest. If you can make the transition between two groups with a group arranged in the first way, then the video will be full of mystery and no lack of connection.


Passion type

To produce a passionate video, you usually choose music with a strong sense of tempo, with a fast moving object as the object of editing. The content of the video material must match the rhythm of the music and rotate in the stress time field. The arrangement of the video material is best to scramble the video material from different angles at the same time, and then quickly switch with the music rhythm, so it has a big feeling.


passion type



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